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Galapagos Islands Yachts and Cruises

A Galapagos cruise is the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands, one of the world’s most extraordinary wildlife destinations. The vacation of a lifetime awaits aboard our first-class Galapagos cruise ships. Multi-guided adventures, aquatic and land activities led by our naturalist experts will surpass all of your expectations. Get ready to fall in love with the most beautiful sunsets, the Galapagos’ fearless fauna, and our world-class hospitality!

Top 3 Galapagos Cruise Ships

Isabela II Galapagos Cruise
La Pinta Yacht Galapagos

How to Choose the Best Galapagos Cruise for You?

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Galapagos Yacht or Cruise

(1) Will I have more than one guide on board and have activity choices at each Galapagos National Park visitor spot?
(2) Will I have access to medical care on board?
(3) Does my yacht or ship have the best toys like a glass-bottom boat, sea kayaks, standup paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment?


Choose a Galapagos Cruise

Santa Cruz II – Western Islands

 5-Day/4-Night Tour
Galapagos Cruises from: $4,276 USD
Isabela Island, Fernandina Island, Santa Cruz Island, and Floreana Island

Yacht Isabela II – Northern Islands

5-Day/4-Night Tour
Galapagos Cruises from: $4,214
Santa Cruz Island, Santiago Island, Chinese Hat Islet, and Genovesa Island

Yacht La Pinta – Eastern Islands

5 Days / 4 Nights tour
Galapagos Cruises from: $5,225
South Plaza Island, Santa Fe Island, San Cristobal Island, and Española Island

Best Selling Galapagos Cruises + Land Tours

Galapagos and Quito Enchantments

Cruise the Galapagos and explore Quito, the capital city of Ecuador nestled high in the Andes Mountains. This all-inclusive tour starts when we pick you up at the airport upon your arrival in Ecuador, then explore the spectacular historical center of Quito, and fly to the Galapagos Islands for a once-in-a-lifetime cruise.

7-Day/6-Night Program

Transfers airport to hotel in Quito
Scenic Tour of Quito
5-day/4-night cruise aboard our vessels

Starting at: $5,316 USD per person

The Best of the Mashpi Rainforest and Galapagos

Explore two unique ecosystems: The Galapagos Islands and the Ecuadorian Cloud forest on this high-end ecological adventure. This all-inclusive tour starts at the Quito airport, explores Quito’s historic downtown, then visits luxurious Mashpi Lodge in the cloud forest, then a flight to the Galapagos and an adventure at Yacht La Pinta.

10-Day/9-Night Program

Transfers airport to hotel in Quito
Scenic Tour of Quito
2 nights at Mashpi Lodge
4 nights aboard any of our vessels

Starting at: $6,641 USD per person

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Compare Top Galapagos Yachts and Cruises

Santa Cruz II

  • 90 guests on board with some of the smallest group sizes in Galapagos averaging just 11 guests per guide
  • Choose from multiple daily excursions due to having multiple guides
  • Medical doctor on board for free consultations
  • Glass-bottom boat, kayaks, snorkeling, swimming, panga coastal exploration
  • Fine dining created by our Le Cordon-Bleu-trained Gastronomy Director

Yacht La Pinta


  • 48 guests aboard with multiple guides
  • Upscale design throughout, ideal for travelers who are looking for a luxury experience
  • Features some of the largest cabins of any Galapagos cruise vessel
  • Large windows in all cabins and panoramic windows in common areas
  • Rainforest Alliance SmartVoyager accreditation
  • Medical doctor on board for free consultations

Yacht Isabela II


  • Only 40 guests on board
  • Spacious cruise ship with multiple guides and multiple daily activity choices
  • Optional activities include sea kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and exploring in a glass-bottom boat
  • Small group size – averaging only 13 guests or less per guide
  • Medical doctor on board for free consultations
  • Gourmet meals created by a Cordon-Bleu-trained gastronomy director
Kayaking in the Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands Beaches
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Which itinerary and expedition length is best for you?

3 Questions to ask to find the perfect Galapagos itinerary.

(1) How many days should you cruise? Cruises as short as 4 days are possible, but you’ll see so much more on an 7 day trip.
(2) Which species of Galapagos wildlife would you like to see?
(3) Which islands would you like to visit?

Read more in How to Choose the Best Galapagos Itinerary for You

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Galapagos Islands located?

The Galapagos archipelago sits 926 km (575 mi) off the coast of Ecuador and covers an area of almost 8,000 km2 (3,030 mi2). It consists of 19 islands spread out along the equator, 13 of which are major visitor sites and 4 of which are inhabited. Flights to Galapagos from Guayaquil on mainland Ecuador take under 2 hours. Fun fact: As a result of its equatorial location, days in the archipelago are 12-hours long no matter when you go!

What’s the weather like?

No seasons exist in the Galapagos Islands due to fact that they're along the equator. However, there are two weather patterns that are recognizable every year:
  • The hot season from December to June when humidity is high and average temperatures are in the 80s F (26°-30° C). There may be occasional showers (downpours), but days are generally hot and sunny.
  • From June to November, you can expect cool winds, occasionally bringing with them a light misty-type drizzle called "garúa." Temperatures average in the 70s F (20°-24° C) during the day and lower at night. The islands may resemble a subtropical weather pattern.

Which country does it belong to?

It belongs to Ecuador since 1831 and before that it was unclaimed.

What languages are spoken in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands?

Eleven languages are spoken in Ecuador but Spanish and Kichwa are the official languages of the country. Kichwa is mostly spoken by indigenous groups in the Andes region and, to a lesser extent, in the Amazon region. Most tourism-related services/providers have multi-lingual staff, particularly in English with some German, French, and Italian speakers.

Which currency is used?

The United States Dollar is the official currency of Ecuador.

What is the time zone?

Galapagos Time is 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): this is 7 hours behind time in the UK, 2 hours behind standard time in New York, and 14 hours behind time in Canberra. The mainland of Ecuador is 5 hours behind UTC.

Who lives in the Galapagos?

Locals of the islands are known as galapagueños and the last census, which was carried out in 2010, estimated their population to be at around 25,000. Most of them have come from mainland Ecuador to live on the islands within recent years. The majority of them are part of the Mestizo ethnic group, and as such are descendants of Spanish and indigenous ancestors. A small minority consists of purely European families.

Are there any indigenous groups in the Galapagos?

Near the end of the century, members of the ethnic group called the Salasacas started migrating from the mainland to the most populated islands of the archipelago and formed small colonies. They keep mostly to themselves in closed communities, in which they have their own schools and speak only Kichwa. However there are no indigenous groups autochthonous to the Galapagos Islands.

Where does the name Galapagos come from?

The name Galapagos is said to come from the Galapagos giant tortoises that are endemic to the archipelago. It turns out the Spanish word for a type of saddle is galapago, and it was often used by the Spanish explorers to refer to the giant tortoises that populated the islands with their iconic saddle-like shell.

Galapagos Travel Tips

How do I know if Galapagos is the right destination for me?

Galapagos is a great destination for almost everyone. Nature lovers will appreciate a transformative experience with wildlife and a first-hand view of how islands form. It is a great place for honeymooners or families to escape from everyday life and find quality time. If you’re looking for a conventional beach destination, top shopping, and traditional entertainment options, this is probably not for you.

How much of a nature lover do you need to be to enjoy the Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands are a perfect destination for everyone who wants to be amazed. Even if wildlife watching is not your main reason for coming, you will still be impressed by the incredible landscapes, savoury Ecuadorian cuisine, local hospitality and wide range of activities.

Is it family friendly?

Yes. The Galapagos is an awesome learning experience for all age groups, though age restrictions do apply on some cruise vessels.

Is it accessible for people with disabilities?

It really depends on the type of disability and the extent to which this disability would affect the person’s visit. People with serious mobility issues will find that Galapagos has incredibly rugged terrain with no access ramps at visitor sites. Wheelchairs would be subjected to regular exposure to salt water, which could damage them. The only tour operator currently offering specialized services for wheelchair-bound guests is Ecuador for All.

Do I need to use a wetsuit?

During the hot season, warmer water currents will make it possible to swim without a wetsuit. If you are planning to go for a long swim or snorkelling you might want to consider wearing one because you will be moving less. During the dry season, the water gets cooler due to colder currents and some guests prefer to wear a wetsuit more often.

I have special dietary requirements. Can they be met?

When requested in advance, most special dietary requirements can be arranged. Multi-guided ships tend to have a larger kitchen staff than single-guided ships as a result of which they are more likely to be able to accommodate special requests.

I have special religious requirements. Can they be met?

No ship in Galapagos offers a religious service of any denomination. In land-based options, there is almost always a town nearby with a church, but only Christian denominations are present. Please contact your destination expert to inquire about specific requirements.

Is there any kind of age restriction for visitors?

Children below the age of 6 need special permission from their parents or guardians to board a Galapagos cruise. Children under the age of 18 that are travelling that come accompanied by just one parent/legal guardian must have a minor consent form signed by the other parent or, in the case of a legal guardian, both parents. The drinking age in Ecuador is 18 years old.

I´m travelling in a group with people of many ages. What's the best way for us to travel?

The best option would be to go with a multi-guided cruise vessel or a land-based tour. On either of these two options, multiple activities will be available simultaneously, which means the more active in the group can be out and about while those who prefer a more relaxed journey can take in the views calmly.

What is the food like on board an expedition cruise?

Our Le Cordon Bleu-certified gastronomic director has carefully designed the buffets and menus on board all of our cruise ships. These are inspired by both local and international flavours. Varied meals comprised of all the food groups will be served through the day. This also includes fresh produce, fruits and proteins that are acquired from the best providers available.

Pioneer in Galapagos Cruises and Yachts


Metropolitan Touring pioneered travel to the Galapagos Islands in the early 1960s. We pride ourselves on the quality of our trio of expedition Galapagos Island tour vessels and our eco-hotel, our safety standards, our loyal and outstanding staff and our commitment to giving our guests an incomparable experience of the Islands while preserving their riches for future generations.

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There is no place on Earth like the Galapagos Islands. Far out in the Pacific Ocean, this archipelago was formed by titanic geothermic upheavals that created volcanic islands, some of which are still in the throes of creation today.

When Charles Darwin visited in Galapagos in 1835, he observed a pristine, naturally-isolated living laboratory that would inspire and refine his theories, which he would release upon the world – to shattering effect – decades later. The islands have not lost their ability to inspire: the magic Darwin found over 150 years ago is still thriving in this remarkable environment.

While you experience our Galapagos cruises, you can walk among unique species such as marine iguanas basking in the sun and observe the elaborate mating rituals of blue-footed boobies, albatrosses and frigate birds. Unthreatened by predators, Galapagos island cruise creatures are undisturbed by visitors, who, one and all, come away inspired and changed by their experience of nature here.

Four Reasons to Travel with Metropolitan Touring

From the relaxing, informal atmosphere of the Santa Cruz II to the flawless service on Isabela II, there really is something for everyone aboard our irresistible ships. What are some of the best reasons to cruise through the Galapagos with us? Discover the perk that suits your personal style here.

(1) A Passionate and Knowledgeable Staff
Our captains, naturalist guides and expedition leaders are all dedicated to one thing: making sure that your trip of a lifetime is surrounded by safety and comfort. Not only do we employ naval-ranked officers, but we also staff our ships with experts in the field so that you can experience the region from an enriching point of view. Whether you're taking in a natural history lecture on the Santa Cruz II or simply enjoying the delicious cuisine aboard the La Pinta, everyone who serves you is passionate about providing the best possible experience.

(2) The Most Unforgettable Itineraries
Want to explore the white beaches of Las Bachas? Prefer to get your kicks at the Charles Darwin Research Station? No matter what sort of getaway you're craving, we have an itinerary destined to take your breath away. Escape on a five-day jaunt through Floreana, Española Island and San Cristóbal. Spend a full week uncovering the enchanting sights of the northern region. You can even hop aboard an eight-day cruise that introduces you to everything the Galapagos' western area has to offer. The only limit is your sense of adventure.

(3) A Bevy of Luxurious Benefits
You may be channeling your inner wanderer, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a few five-star perks. Our ships are designed to provide varying levels of upscale fun, so you'll always find exactly what you need. The Santa Cruz II offers the ultimate pampering in her three Darwin Suites, La Pinta's atmosphere is punctuated by sun decks and wraparound windows, and Isabela II dazzles with an outdoor area ideal for al fresco dinners. Getting the royal treatment has never been more exciting.

(4) Options for Every Type of Trip
Whether you're heading out with the entire family or cozying up for a memorable honeymoon, you'll have access to a world of incredible versatility. The Santa Cruz II, for instance, features an array of alternative activities so that everyone in your party can create their ideal adventure. Isabela II, on the other hand, boasts an intimate atmosphere that makes exploration the shining star. Plus, La Pinta offers large suites that can connect to accommodate families. It's everything you've ever wanted right here on the water. Bon voyage!