Take a break from the city and immerse yourself in a nearby hideaway that’s a world apart! Snug in the heart of a tremendous Natural Reserve, Mashpi Lodge invites you to come and enjoy its sophisticated and strikingly-contemporary design while connecting with nature like never before.

Functioning as the ideal springboard for exploring the biodiverse world that thrives directly outside, the Lodge combines high levels of modern comfort, service, guided excursions, and cuisine in ways unheard of in a tropical forest environment elsewhere the world. Not only that, but your stay with us helps support conservation efforts and social responsibility throughout the Reserve!

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Plan your day and experience the forest like never before.

Beyond its glass walls, a profusion of plant species has adapted to this unique environment, creating a vibrant ecosystem of trees, vines, ferns, orchids, and bromeliads. That same world also is home to hundreds of bird species, possibly thousands of orchid species, tens of thousands of insect species, and numerous groups of monkeys, peccaries, and even pumas.

The best part? Your stay at Mashpi Lodge is an all-inclusive expedition that puts you in touch with these wonders and more! Upon arriving and being welcomed into the Lodge, you’ll meet up with your designated Naturalist Guide, who will help you plan the excursions that will take you on an unforgettable journey throughout the Reserve. Our selection of activities is also ideally suited for every type of Guest (be they solo travelers, friends, family, couples. etc.).

Here’s a look at some of the activities you can choose from!


Your stay with us goes beyond simply being able to experience this beautiful place — it also helps us preserve it! Mashpi is part of the ecologically important Choco biogeographical region that spans Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Unfortunately, only about 2% of the original forest belonging to the Choco-Andean forest remains intact. Your stay at Mashpi helps fund our research and the conservation efforts that are helping protect this last remaining patch. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with the local community living around the Reserve.


Mashpi Lodge, designed to immerse you in the world of the surrounding forest, serves as a luxurious retreat in the middle of dense flora, delightful fauna, and stunning views. The Lodge’s rooms are spread across three different floors, and all of them are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows that are weather-sealed to keep the elements at bay while still allowing you to connect with the majestic world right outside comfortably.


The twenty Wayra (the Kichwa word for “wind”) Rooms are found throughout all three levels of the Lodge and offer varying views of the forest that range from ground level to the canopy up top. These rooms are an excellent choice for large groups or families, given that many of them can be interconnected for a shared experience of Mashpi’s wonders.
  • 366 ft² / 34 m²
  • Floor-to-ceiling window
  • Private bathroom
  • 13 rooms feature two full-size beds
  • 7 rooms feature a king-size bed
  • 3 pairs of Wayra Rooms can be interconnected


The Lodge’s three Yaku (the Kichwa word for “water”) Suites are located on the first floor, at the Lodge’s northwestern end. Each of the suites features a large bathroom with twin washbasins and Philippe Starck-designed bathtubs with a view of the forest. All of the Yaku Suites have king-size beds.
  • 499.55 ft² / 46.41 m²
  • Floor-to-ceiling window
  • Private bathroom w/ bathtub
  • 1 king-size bed


Our Wawa (the Kichwa word for “baby”) Room is located on the first floor, at the Lodge’s northeastern end, and is ideal for a solo experience of Mashpi. This 228 square foot (21 square meters) room features a comfortable full-size bed and all the amenities of the larger rooms, offering a more minimalist feel without ever sacrificing comfort.

  • 228 ft² / 21 m²
  • Floor-to-ceiling window
  • 1 full-size bed
  • Private bathroom



The Lodge, built with the latest techniques in sustainable construction, is designed to blend in beautifully with its surroundings. It features contemporary, minimalist decor that mixes warm earth tones, notes of bright color, clean lines, and striking angles with endless vistas.  

Mashpi Lodge is a luxury cocoon in the clouds with the natural world right there, making it an ideal place for contemplation and relaxation. Below is a look at some of the spaces in the Lodge that will play a vital part in connecting you with the magic found at Mashpi. 

A number of books, guides, expedition gear, clothing, and souvenirs can be found at Mashpi Lodge's Boutique on the first floor. Should anything important have been left behind at home, Guests can relax knowing toiletries and other essentials can be purchased here, too. Additionally, there's award-winning Ecuadorian chocolate that we highly recommend checking out!
Our Expedition Room is found on the first floor of the Lodge and serves as a beautiful space for reading or relaxingBriefing Room for our Naturalist Guides to provide Guests with the details of the excursions they'll embark on. Additionally, the room is used by our Science Team to host presentations about the discoveries and conservation efforts that Mashpi currently has underway.
Serving as the headquarters for all things research-related at Mashpi, our Laboratory is open to all Guests. Here, you'll learn about the biggest research and conservation projects currently underway throughout the Reserve, as well as the plethora of species that exist therein. Children are also welcome to have fun at the Kid's Corner of the Laboratory, which provides several hands-on and interactive activities to engage their young minds.
Enjoy exquisite food and drinks in a stunning setting at Mashpi's spacious, two-story-high, and beautifully lit Restaurant. The lively gourmet experience you'll have here will take you on a delicious journey through Ecuador's diverse regions via the fresh ingredients and recipes they're known for. Feeling thirsty? Refreshing spirits, cocktails, and soft drinks await at our Bar that occupies a corner of this same Restaurant.
Our Samay ("Soul" in the native Kichwa) Wellness Center provides Guests with the perfect space to unwind and relax after a day of excursions. The Center, which blends in perfectly with the surrounding natural environment, is a short walk away from the Lodge itself. It comes equipped with an open-air hot tub and wide-open yoga deck that looks out into the forest, allowing you to reconnect with the essence of life itself.
On the second level of the lodge our spa, where two massage rooms are available for a variety of treatments, including single or shared massages. Our skilled spa staff expertly carries out each of these treatments.
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Mashpi Lodge features the following characteristics to help make your stay with us as comfortable and fulfilling as possible

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