Santa Cruz II
Northern Galapagos
Islands Itinerary

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5 days
Tortoise In Galapagos
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This Northern Galapagos Cruise Itinerary starts off with a tour of beautiful Las Bachas beach, which is frequented by numerous marine birds, including flamingos. The next day we will arrive at Santiago Island, which provides its fair share of fun activities and wildlife spotting.

Next up, Rabida Island and its spectacular red-sand beach await to take Guests on a beautiful tour of its mesmerizing landscapes. The day after, majestic Bartolome Island will be visited, which is sure to stun visitors with its postcard-worthy views and the chance to swim alongside Galapagos penguins. Finally, spectacular and faraway Genovesa will see us basking in the embrace of its magical, sunken crater and gorgeous cliffline, which is home to thousands of marine birds!