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La Macarena, Colombia

Why visit Colombia in South America?

Colombia is closer than you think! Flights from Miami to Bogota or Cartagena are typically shorter than 3 hours. The country’s unique regions, welcoming culture, and natural beauty make for a distinctly memorable experience, especially when considering the very temperate and enjoyable year-round temperatures!

Colombia is well situated for travel to nearby destinations like Ecuador and Peru. With so many national and international airports, it’s easy to get around between different cities and regions within Colombia, not to mention other locations in South America and the Caribbean. 

San Juan Tayrona National Park Colombia
The Colombian Coast

When is the best time to visit Colombia?

If you’re not sure when to travel to Colombia, the answer is pretty much any time you want!

The climate and temperatures here are very consistent throughout the year, thanks to the country’s proximity to the equator. Though there are some seasons and some regions that see a bit more rain than others, you’ll be sure to encounter lush settings and remarkable scenery pretty much everywhere you go!

Plus, with Colombia’s many festivities that take place at different times throughout the year, chances are your travels may overlap with an exciting festival or celebration worth exploring.

Cacao Plantation

What makes Colombia stand out from the rest of Latin American countries?

Colombia is the only country in South America with coastline abutting the Atlantic (Caribbean) and Pacific Oceans. As the second most biologically diverse nation in the world, it boasts the greatest number of species in proportion to land area in the world! It’s no wonder the number of bird species (more than 1,920) in Colombia outnumbers those of the U.S. and Europe combined.

Apart from these nature-related aspects, Colombia is a nation of much cultural diversity. Each region has its own history and traditions and has made its own important contributions to the development of this nation. Apart from being one of the top three exporters of coffee and fresh-cut flowers in the world, it enjoys a reputation for supplying the very best of each of these products. Additionally, the nation is host to the second-highest concentration of Spanish speakers in the world.


The capital city of Bogota is a fantastic city and home to many of the nation’s best restaurants, museums, cafés, theaters, and universities. It is therefore no surprise that it hosts many national and international fairs, like the Feria Internacional del Libro de Bogotá (International Book Fair) and the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá (Ibero-American Theater Festival).   

A trip to Colombia without visiting Bogota may very well feel incomplete. Such is the relevance and importance of this great city. Its airport is the most connected and centralized; in other words, it’s very easy to take a short domestic flight to any other part of Colombia. It makes sense to include it within your Colombia itinerary. If you appreciate art, culture, history, and cuisine, you’ll love Bogota. 

Historic Centers of Colombia
colorful Colombian Cities

Is it safe to travel to COLOMBIA?

When traveling to Colombia, you want to make good and informed choices regarding your well-being and safety, just as you would when traveling to any other country.

Colombia is a nation that believes in giving residents and visitors a greater sense of security. As a result, you may see guards posted around metropolitan centers, in different public areas, and at the entrances to various attractions and parks. This is very common.   

When it comes to the integrity of your travel experience, Metropolitan Touring makes every effort to vet our partnering hotels and providers to guarantee quality and consistency in each of the services and experiences we offer. This way, our travelers can enjoy greater peace of mind throughout their travels.  

You can read more about our tips for a satisfying and enjoyable experience in Colombia via the link below!


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