Yacht La Pinta – Dates

All licensed vessels in the Galapagos Islands follow set itineraries around the archipelago. The usual dynamic of a day consists of disembarkation at a visitor site in the morning, lunch on board, and an afternoon disembarkation at a different site (often a different island). We operate set departures for all our vessels year-round, minus their time in dry dock.

Note that some itineraries begin from Baltra Island and others from San Cristobal Island (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno), and the same applies to where they end.

Also note that you can combine itineraries which start or end in Baltra with our Finch Bay Hotel on Santa Cruz Island (about a 45-minute journey from the airport). This is not advisable (although possible using a uncomfortable 3-hour ferry journey…) from San Cristobal Island.

Departure Dates 2018

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