Yacht La Pinta Western Galapagos Islands Itinerary


7 Days
Friday to Thursday


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Giant Tortoise

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Our Western Galapagos Yacht Itinerary opens up with a tour of North Seymour Island, one of the most spectacular places in the archipelago with birds and unique scenery. The next day, we’ll wake up to the youngest and largest islands in Galapagos — Isabela and Fernandina — and embark on a spectacular tour of their geology, native wildlife, and human history.

After that, we’ll visit Rabida Island and Dragon Hill, each with its unique set of nature and beaches. Next, Santa Cruz awaits to provide us with insights into the conservation efforts underway while marveling at giant tortoises! Lastly, Floreana Island is our final visit, taking our breath away with its gorgeous scenery and amusing human history.