Yacht La Pinta Northern Galapagos Islands Itinerary

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5 days
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Tortoise In Galapagos
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Our Northern Galapagos Yacht Itinerary begins by taking you up into the lush highlands of Santa Cruz Island, where giant tortoises can be seen roaming around in their natural habitat. The following day, we’ll check out the coastline of Eden Islet while also getting a chance to partake in a variety of exciting aquatic activities that will bring us close to all the wildlife. Also on this day, we’ll check out Chinese Hat Islet, which showcases beautiful views and plenty of Galapagos creatures to admire.

Next up are spectacular Bartolome and Santiago, islands that provide scenic views like nowhere else along with numerous wildlife viewing opportunities and activities to partake in. Lastly, we’ll visit gorgeous Genovesa Island, which is home to one of the largest birds in the archipelago, a stunning coastline, and a beautiful beach.