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Cruising through the Galapagos Islands

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We all know the syndrome: kids glued to their tablets, adults to their cell phones, no one talking to each other, everyone running around like crazy. Someone raises their head from their technology and thinks to themselves that there has to be a better way. They start thinking about their perfect vacation, a moment to wonder at the world and create unforgettable memories. Somewhere unique, peaceful, safe. A place to re-establish their own connections with nature, their families, and themselves. That’s when it hits them: a Galapagos Islands vacation tour is the way to go.

Metropolitan Touring

As pioneers of Galapagos islands cruises and the surrounding industry, we have a special place in our hearts for adventurers: people who search for that unforgettable place where travel, nature and culture intersect. For more than 60 years, we've helped tourists just like you make those connections with cruises to Galapagos and tours designed to bring the spirit of the Galapagos to life. It's part of our fabric as both a company and adventure seekers ourselves...

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This is, after all, a region that thrives on magical moments, and we’re passionate about helping you to uncover every last one of them. From hanging out with a family of marine iguanas to sailing along the same seas that enlightened and inspired Charles Darwin more than 100 years ago, our iconic cruise to Galapagos gives you unparalleled access to an almost mythological world that enchants everyone who comes in contact with it. Plus, when you venture into the Galapagos islands with Metropolitan Touring, you’ll benefit from a team of experts who know the area like the back of their hand. No tour operators understand the region more deeply and completely than we do.

Of course, we have plenty of love for our equally magnificent neighbors. That’s why we’ve expanded our cruises to Galapagos and tour offerings to cover the majesty of mainland Ecuador: to help curious travelers set their sights on the beaches, rainforests, villages and cloud forests that have captivated us for decades. The diversity here is simply stunning, and we can’t wait to help you discover it.

Travel has the capacity to change the way you view the world. It heightens your senses, inspires new modes of understanding and helps you create inspiring moments and memories that will live with you forever. There’s no better way to experience this eye-opening shifting of perspectives than with the breathtaking beauty of a Galapagos island cruise. Our mission isn’t merely to show each of our guests the tangible things that make this region so inspiring; it’s to give you a taste of the spirit, passion, and vision that drives everything we do. Welcome to a new world of traveling. Welcome to Metropolitan Touring.

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