Cotopaxi volcano is no longer on yellow alert

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Cotopaxi volcano is no longer on yellow alert

Following more than 9 months of diligent monitoring for active volcanic activity, the Geophysics Institute of Ecuador has now deemed Cotopaxi volcano safe and its “eruptive process has come to an end”.

Last October 2022, Cotopaxi volcano started an eruptive process that placed it on “yellow alert” because of its volcanic activity. Emissions of ash, water vapor and volcanic gases were recorded and, therefore, acces to the mountain was restricted. The yellow alert placed by the National Risk and Emergency Management Service out of precaution. The goal was to strengthen monitoring capabilities, alongside ensuring essential training, prevention, preparation, and response initiatives. Nonetheless, Cotopaxi National Park remained opened.

After a significant decrease in volcanic activities since February of this year, Cotopaxi is no longer on yellow alert, and it has been deemed safe. Enthusiastic mountaineers and adventure seekers are invited to venture freely and safely.

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Updated:January 4, 2024

Published:December 7, 2023

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