Am I going to experience seasickness in the Galapagos Islands?

Yes, you will experience some seasickness while sailing in the Galapagos Islands. Nevertheless, we’ve worked on our boats and itineraries to mitigate it so that you’ll experience the best of the islands without discomfort. Seasickness is the bane of many travelers’ dreams. For some, just thinking about the back-and-forth rocking of a boat makes them a little bit dizzy. But quit worrying! The Galapagos Islands have a set of unique characteristics that make them distinct from other world-famous sites such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Read on and learn more about what makes this archipelago different for ocean travel and some aspects that our vessels have that reduce the chance of seasickness even more!

How strong are the waves in the Galapagos?

The archipelago is very far away from the continent, which means that the aggressive waves more common near the mainland are nowhere to be seen. It is common knowledge that the movement of the sea is barely felt on bigger ships because of this fact. If you are looking for travel opportunities in the Galapagos, ask about the ship size to ensure a more steady experience. The Santa Cruz II is the biggest member of our fleet (with a capacity for 90 guests) and is amongst the steadiest vessels sailing the islands. Even though our precious yachts, La Pinta and Isabela II, are a bit smaller in size (capacity for 48 and 40 guests, respectively), they also carry the same state of the art stabilizing technology that aids with fuel efficiency and has the added benefit of steadying the ship while it is anchored close to shore.

Galapagos’ geography creates natural barriers that prevent strong currents from rocking the ships.

When ocean currents go through shallow areas, they get agitated through friction, causing the sea to be wavier. This means that when ships are close to shore or anchored, the ocean’s motion is more pronounced. Thankfully, we’ve designed our itineraries around two strategies:

  1. The ships are anchored when travelers disembark at the visitor sites, meaning you’ll be on land during activities and won’t suffer from seasickness.
  2. Night-time travel to ensure that the steady forward motion of the ship cancels all side movements, which will guarantee a good night’s sleep!

Visitors might feel some motion in a few words, but it is usually very bearable and temporary. Nonetheless, some of us – including the writer of this post – suffer from seasickness. It’s always better to consult your physician before embarking on sea travel.

As an added precaution, all of our vessels have an onboard medical officer with experience in dealing with medical situations at sea.

Is seasickness in the Galapagos possible?

As we said before, the Galapagos Islands are subject to open sea currents and winds. This means the outskirts of the archipelago are most exposed to stronger currents. The boundaries of the archipelago act as a natural barrier, reducing the intensity of both the wind and sea currents that are felt in the central parts of the archipelago.

Employ another intelligent strategy to prevent seasickness: choose a well-designed itinerary

Our itineraries consider both the movement of waves that the boat is exposed to and how long it is exposed to them. All of this without sacrificing the number of wildlife sightings or the experience of visitors in any way! Our itineraries are designed to time stops to coincide with land-based activities and travel at night to guarantee a pleasant rest.

Learn about seasickness in the Galapagos

Intuitive travel patterns allow us to optimize time and provide our guests maximum exposure to what they came to the Galapagos for impressive landscapes, unique species, fun activities, and so much more.

What islands and animals can I see on your itineraries?

Our itineraries benefit from decades of experience in planning Galapagos travel. Our itineraries are meticulously designed around maximizing access to the islands and guaranteeing a comfortable rest.

When it comes to wildlife sightings, our itineraries will surpass your wildest expectations, so take your Galapagos Big15 list out and get ready to start checking off its most iconic species!

Take advantage of our wonderful itineraries and immerse yourself in a fantastic, complete, and transformative Galapagos experience!

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