The Real Deal Behind Galapagos Cruise Ship Size (Vol. II)

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This is a follow-up post to our The Real Deal Behind Galapagos Cruise Ship Size (Vol. I)

There is a flurry of rumors and words of purported “wisdom” flying around when it comes to choosing to visit the Galapagos aboard an expedition vessel or yacht. That’s right when it comes to a place as enchanting as this, it’s not all that easy to hear through all the noise of what’s good and better when it comes to doing a Galapagos trip the right way. Well, fear not fellow traveler: for we are here to dispel certain myths and recurring assumptions that are based on Galapagos cruise ship size.

Some say:

Due to a large number of people on a cruise ship, activities are limited.

We say:

The truth is actually the complete opposite! There are in fact more activities available by virtue of the Santa Cruz II being a larger cruise ship. See, larger expedition vessels in Galapagos are capable of carrying more passengers and, by default, more Naturalist Guides. The greater number of Naturalist Guides means that there will be an even greater number of activities available for all our guests. Remember: You cannot explore the Galapagos without the company of a Naturalist Guides. So the more guides there are, the more options and activities that are available!

As a result, guests won’t have to settle for opting between snorkeling excursions or staying on the boat. On certain days and itineraries, guests actually have the option to choose any one of up to four options that could, for example, vary between snorkeling, kayaking, a panga (dinghy) ride around the visitor sites or simply taking it easy on the boat! Now that’s a lot of options!

Simultaneous Activities Aboard Santa Cruz Ii Galapagos Cruise.
Both Kayaking And Glass-Bottom Boat Activities Are Available At The Same Time! Note: This Is Only Available On A Larger Galapagos Cruise Ship! Single-Guided Vessels Can Offer Only One Activity At A Time.

Some say:

Many cruise ships don’t offer sea kayaking.

We say:

Ours does. Our entire fleet of boats does, as a matter of fact. Kayaking is a key component of our three water-based activities aboard the Santa Cruz II. It’s actually rather hard for us to imagine what a Galapagos trip would be like without having this option available, for it allows guests to view land animals (and even some BIG15 iconic species!) along the shore while checking out the cool marine animals that glide about right underneath them. All while staying dry and out of the water!

Guests Getting Ready For Kayaking In Galapagos.
Our Guests Can Enjoy Kayaking While Discovering The Unique Marine Life Of The Islands.

Some say:

A larger Galapagos cruise ship size means the dining areas will be noisy.

We say:

An experience worth living is an experience worth talking about. Without a doubt, we can almost guarantee you that any boat you go on in the Galapagos will be filled with words and feelings expressing both joy and wonder. And that’s not to say it will be loud, either: after a long day of venturing around the magical visitor sites and experiencing the millions of new things there are to see, guests will admittedly be tired and won’t necessarily be yelling at the top of their lungs to have their voices heard. On a Galapagos cruise, it’s more modest and intimate than that.

And the best part about being in a room filled with people? You don’t always have to be the one talking. In fact, joy might even be found in the simple moments that allow you to sit back, actually enjoy your meal, and simply listen while peacefully having your feelings resonate with the words of others.

Dinning Room Aboard Santa Cruz Ii Galapagos Cruise.
So Much Space, So Much Room For Sounds To Dissipate!

Some say:

Forget about having spur-of-the-moment special culinary requests.

We ask:

Have we not mentioned just how on top of things our chef and kitchen staff are aboard our ships? Check out this blog to find out how the food on a Galapagos cruise is! All we need to say here is that that our chefs and cooks go the extra mile in attempting to cover each and every dietary need of our guests aboard the Santa Cruz II! So trust us when we say we’ve got you covered here.

Gourmet Meals Aboard Santa Cruz Ii Galapagos Cruise
Recharge With Our Gourmet Meals.

Updated:June 16, 2023

Published:October 16, 2017


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