Train Tours in Ecuador


Discover Ecuador with the rejuvenated Ecuadorian railways

Since 2008, the Ecuadorian government has recovered some 500 kilometers of track, rejuvenated 30 stations and four workshops, imported new rolling stock, bought new trains, launched the Tren Crucero up-scale product (which takes passengers on a four-day journey in specially-designed carriages in all-inclusive program), and invested $245 million along the way. It’s a phenomenal achievement.

We are pleased to offer our guests an opportunity to enjoy the renewed fortunes and great travel experience aboard the Ecuadorian railways. We have tours that combine travel by train in Cotopaxi, in the Central Highlands including the “Devil’s Nose”section of track from Sibambe to Alausí, and in the north from the provincial capital of Ibarra down to the Afro-Ecuadorian village of Salinas.

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