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The most biologically-rich haven on Earth


Ecuador’s rainforest is located in the heart of the world’s largest and most famous tropical rainforest, the Amazon Basin. A short flight, or a descent by road down the flanks of the Andes, leads modern explorers and adventurers along the same routes the first Spanish Conquerors ventured through in their search of El Dorado or the land of Cinnamon… and found the mighty River Amazon instead.

Easily Accessible

Ecuador’s portion of the Amazon is regarded as the most accessible of all the countries that share the Basin. Leaving Quito in the morning, you can be swinging in a hammock at your chosen lodge by lunchtime. The country is also a continent-leader in nature- and community-based tourism initiatives, where the value of the forest and of its inhabitants’ heritage has been recognised and prized above its short-term exploitation. By visiting the rainforest and staying at responsible lodges, you are actively contributing to its conservation for future generations – and of course, exploring one of the planet’s most fascinating ecosystems.

Explorations and Discoveries

Our Ecuadorian Amazon itineraries offer environmentally-conscious programs for all ages, enjoyed in safety and comfort with reliable operators and experienced naturalist guides: explore the rain forest on treks on terra firma forest beneath the gigantic Amazon trees, along boardwalks crossing palm swamps and up observation towers for a close look at the forest canopy. Take to native dugout canoes to paddle up rivers and creeks, or start early for birdwatching outings. Climb canopy towers or walkways for wonderful perspectives of the forests and its denizens… A new, green world awaits.


[tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/110.jpg” alt=”Amazon” title=”Journey to the Source of Chocolate in the Amazon” intro=”For this specially-designed itinerary, we have teamed up with the number one name in chocolate in Ecuador: award-winning Pacari Chocolate ( Guests will experience the finest chocolate while exploring a fascinating and biodiverse region in Ecuador – and all relatively close to the capital, Quito. The Ecuadorian Amazon was recently proved to be the birthplace of the cacao tree – not Central America! The itinerary includes birdwatching, a visit to working cacao farms, overnight at a magical rainforest lodge and a refreshing stop at an Andean thermal spring spa on the way back located between Cayambe Volcano and Antisana Volcano.” readmoreurl=”/ecuador/amazon/journey-source-chocolate-amazon-tour”]
[tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/58.jpg” alt=”Amazon” title=”Napo Wildlife Center” intro=”The Napo Wildlife Center, NWC Lodge is located by the Anangucocha lake, into the unique ancestral territory of the Anangu Quichua Community.” readmoreurl=”/ecuador/amazon/napo-wildlife-center-lodge”]
[tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/La-Selva.jpg” alt=”Amazon” title=”La Selva Amazon EcoLodge and Spa” intro=”LA SELVA AMAZON ECOLODGE and SPA is a luxury lodge located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. We offer a real jungle experience with the best accommodation in the area.” readmoreurl=”/ecuador/amazon/la-selva-amazon-ecolodge-spa”]
[tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Sacha.jpg” alt=”Amazon” title=”Sacha Lodge” intro=”Sacha Lodge features 10 double cabins, with high thatched roofs and private shaded terraces, constructed with traditional materials and nestles from the surroundings.” readmoreurl=”/ecuador/amazon/sacha-lodge”]
[tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/66.jpg” alt=”Amazon” title=”Manatee Amazon Explorer” intro=”Manatee Amazon Explorer, is a spectacular floating hotel offers you excellent facilities to enjoy the most of the Ecuadorian jungle.” readmoreurl=”/ecuador/amazon/manatee-amazon-explorer”]
[tour img=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Kapawi.jpg” alt=”Amazon” title=”Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve” intro=”The Kapawi Project began in 1993. The goal was to commence a new trend in eco-tourism, in partnership with the FINAE, by providing a monthly means of economic support and jobs to the Achuar located in Kapawi as well as in other communities. Since January 1st 2008, all installations belong entirely to the Achuar Indians. The lodge accommodates up to 38 visitors and was built in accordance to the Achuar concept of architecture (not a single nail was used!).” readmoreurl=”/ecuador/amazon/kapawi-ecolodge-and-reserve”]

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