Magdalena River Cruise

Expedition River Cruise- Colombia

A journey into Magical Realism

As pioneers of expedition cruising in the Galápagos Islands since the 1960s, as well as designing cruises on the Ecuadorian Amazon for several decades, we’re delighted to launch our newest and most exciting experience to date. We put learning, exploration and sustainability at the heart of our guest experience.

The first expedition cruise on the Magdalena River

Join us on the first expedition river cruise along Colombia’s Magdalena River. With decades of expertise in South America to guide us, we’ve created a journey inland from the Caribbean coast aboard our specially designed ship to explore the region’s natural, historical, musical, gastronomical and cultural riches. We’ll share
our knowledge and expertise of all the small villages, Colonial
towns, busy markets, fascinating wetlands and intriguing lives conjured to literary life in the works of Gabriel García Márquez.


"The only reason I would like to be young again would be the chance to travel again on a ship going up the Magdalena."

Map Of Magdalena Colombia
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