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Travel to Ecuador

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Ecuador: A Natural Selection

Only a Continent could give you more!


Ecuador is located to the Northwest of South America, straddling latitude 0°, right at the "Middle of the World". The country's geography encompasses a dazzling variety of landscapes: magnificent beaches on the shores of the Pacific; Amazon rainforest; Andean cloudforests, snow-capped mountains and volcanoes; Highland Indian villages and colonial cities; plus the fabled Galápagos Islands.

Ecuador is ranked by The World Conservation Monitoring Centre (part of the United Nations Environment Programme), among the world's 17 mega-diverse countries (countries that harbour the majority of the Earth's species). But fauna and flora are not its only riches. For centuries, Ecuador's lush geography has encouraged the settlement of numerous native groups who have maintained their traditional ways of life, myths and culture on the Coast, in the high Sierra, and in the tropical Upper Amazon Basin. Imposing colonial structures bear witness to the heritage left by the Spanish and to the skill and artistry that created the paintings and sculptures of the Quito School of Art.

This is our Ecuador, a country blessed by the sun. The country we invite you to share with us.

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