Mashpi Lodge: A Luxury Cocoon in the Clouds

Mashpi Lodge (short video)

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The Other Rainforest, The Ecuadorian Choco from Mashpi Lodge

The life center observations A hideaway located on a high plateau three hours’ drive from Quito, Mashpi Lodge sits in the heart of a 1,300-hectare (3,200-acre) Reserve which harbours both cloudforest and rainforest, part of the globally-important Choco ‘hot spot’ of biodiversity.

A profusion of plant species has adapted to this environment, creating an incredibly rich ecosystem of trees, vines, ferns, orchids, and bromeliads. Home to hundreds of bird species, possibly thousands of orchid species, tens of thousands of insect species, monkeys, peccaries, and even puma, it’s a system which is still revealing its secrets to science, still mysterious, still magical.

The sophisticated and strikingly-contemporary lodge is designed as the ideal springboard for exploring the biodiverse world of its reserve. The lodge combines levels of comfort, service, guiding and a level of cuisine hitherto unheard of in a tropical forest environment anywhere in the world.

The lodge, built with the latest techniques in sustainable building, is designed to blend beautifully with its surroundings. It features contemporary, minimalist decor, mixing warm earth tones, notes of bright color, clean lines, and striking angles and vistas.

Activities include visiting the Life Centre with its butterflies and plants, climbing the eight-story observation tower, riding on the innovative Sky Bike, early morning bird watching, night walks, or simply sitting back to watch the clouds play hide-and-seek with the forest.

Metropolitan Touring and Mashpi Lodge belong to the same holding group in Ecuador.

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