Ecuador – Quito Tours

Join us to discover a South American jewel in the Andes
Quito's Independence Plaza in dowtown.

Beautiful view of Independence Plaza and Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown Quito.

If you have a zest for life, a yen for adventure, a taste for the unseen and an eye for colour and beauty, Ecuador will instantly enchant you. Because of its location on the Equator and the Andes mountain ranges, Ecuador has no real seasons and it receives the most amount of sunlight on the planet. Ecuador’s unique climate allows for year-round operation of outdoor adventure programs.

Trek and hike through national parks and reserves, large haciendas and Indian communities. Treks descend from the Highlands to the sub-tropical Cloud Forest, along amazing gorge trails and the awe-inspiring Avenue of the Volcanoes. Camp will be set up each night with freshly prepared meals and deluxe camping equipment. Adventurous spirits will enjoy Rafting and Kayaking.

Programs are available with various degrees of difficulty to suit every skill level.