Hotel Casa Gangotena in Quito, Ecuador

Casa Gangotena Hotel – Quito – A true icon of Ecuadorian hospitality

Hotel Casa Gangotena Quito
Casa Gangotena luxury hotel Quito
Casa Gangotena gastronomy
Casa Gangotena Quito Ecuador
Casa Gangotena restaurant

Casa Gangotena Hotel in Quito is situated in a newly-restored historic mansion overlooking Plaza San Francisco in the heart of the Old Town. The three-story Casa Gangotena harbours 31 rooms: a showcase of eye-catching style, contemporary design, antiques, furnishings, fine dining, modern technologies and quintessential comforts.

Beautifully -and eclectically-appointed, the award-winning hotel invites its guests to explore and to relax, whether in the dining room, glassed-in patio, garden redolent with the perfume of native flowers, wood-paneled library, or else atop its panoramic third-floor terrace.

Sophisticated yet eclectic, historic yet contemporary, at Casa Gangotena style, passion and service blend seamlessly and delightfully.



Start exploring Ecuador from Casa Gangotena! 





Casa Gangotena Presents New and Fascinating Activities to Enhance its Privileged Location and to Provide More Attractions for its Guests

Casa Gangotena ChocolateA world-class Hotel like Casa Gangotena which has received very important Awards from the international travel trade in the few years it has been open to the public, is always in search of new internal and external attractions geared to enrich its portfolio of guest activities and to offer added values and permanent innovation into diverse aspects of the Hotel’s facilities and services.

With this spirit, the Hotel is launching its “Casa Gangotena Quito Experiences” which are a sequence of themed-activities, unique, special and exclusive that will be offered each one on a specific day of the week for the enjoyment of the guests. Each activity has been conceived and planned to offer a new vision of the Ecuadorian culture, the patrimonial richness of the city and of the Hotel itself. These truly distinct Quito and Casa Gangotena Experiences will take place every day between 6:00 and 7:00 pm, a magic hour altogether in Quito’s magnificent natural setting.

Casa Gangotena - LimpiasMondays are Chocolate days with the Chocolate Tastings, a superb opportunity to learn the secrets about one of Ecuador’s most famous products: its fine aroma cacao, considered best in the world and the resulting delicious chocolate preparations that can be offered and tasted. The activity lasts 30 minutes.

Within such frame, each Tuesdays guests can enjoy all the magic of the ancestral culture with an amazingly interesting demonstration of the traditional “Limpias” (body and spirit Cleansing Rituals), conducted by one of the most emblematic icons of these practices in Quito’s Historic Center, Mrs. Rosa Lagla. The demonstration will feature simultaneous translation.

Casa Gangotena

“San Francisco from Above” is the theme-activity for Wednesdays. This is a unique occasion to learn about the fascinating history of the more than five centuries-old Plaza de San Francisco and its religious complex, as seen from the Panoramic Terrace of the Hotel with its spectacular vistas of the mountains surrounding Quito, the domes of its Historic Center and the monumental Square, an authentic city icon.

Thursdays offer “El Alabado After Hours”, a one-hour immersion on a specific aspect (not all the exhibits) of the fantastic Museum of El Alabado, half a block away from the Hotel and considered one of the best archaeological collections of Ecuador for its non-conventional design, harbored inside a restored patrimonial house. For those guests who would like to make a complete visit to the Museum, Casa Gangotena will provide a courtesy ticket to visit it.Museo

The special activity on Fridays is the tour “From Plaza Grande to Plaza San Francisco”. It consists on a 45-minute guided walking tour from Independence Square or “Plaza Grande”, past some of the most important historic buildings of the Historic Center, to finally reach the magnificent Plaza de San Francisco, right across from Casa Gangotena Hotel. This activity is operated by Metropolitan Touring.

For Saturdays, the Hotel offers “The History of Casa Gangotena”, a fascinating immersion in the history of Casa Gangotena, its former occupants and a narrated tour of the Lobby, the pretty back courtyard and the Reading Room with a presentation of photographs. This is the occasion to speak about the architecture of the mansion, the water reservoir and the family emblems.

Sunday is a day for something refreshing and the Casa Gangotena’s themed activity of this day is: “Agua de Frescos”, a 30-minute presentation focused on the herbs and flowers that are used for the preparation of the House’s signature refreshing drink: the delicious and intriguing (for its rosy-purple color) “agua de frescos”, a delightful concoction of herbs which is a treat for the palate.

San Francisco - Church

In this way, Casa Gangotena expects to continue creating landmarks, spaces and special moments which will undoubtedly enhance the visit to the laureate Hotel and to Quito’s fabulous Historic Center, the world’s first UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.


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