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carbon neutral


by Metropolitan Touring

We Love What We Do

Travel is beautiful, inspiring, life altering. We love nature, pristine ecosystems, fascinating wildlife. Pioneering sustainable tourism is part of our DNA. Our story speaks for itself.

A Culture of Sustainability

From our beginnings, Metropolitan Touring helped draft the regulatory framework for environmentally-friendly travel in Galapagos. Later, we fostered conservation by preserving the forest and conducting scientific research at Mashpi Reserve. On each of our products, care is taken to reuse, recycle, minimize waste, treat our water, preserve our environment and reduce climate change.

We are Stepping it Up

Climate change: it’s here, it’s real, it needs to be countered. All aspects of travel currently represent 8% of global carbon emissions. So, we have decided to seek carbon neutrality by creating a carbon offsetting product.

We measured our emissions and those of our travelers and came up with a compensation strategy through our carbon offsetting product: allowing our guests to offset their carbon footprint through forest conservation in the Choco Bioregion, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

We Need You

This is a permanent, far-reaching, and ambitious initiative, and we cannot do it alone.

Through your investment, and ours, we will create “biological corridors” in the Choco Bioregion–continuous strips of restored land that allow for the absorption of CO2, migration of species, adequate mating strategies, and proper foraging, a nature reserve with an area of over 12,300 acres, equaling the size of over 9,000 football fields.

Please invest with us in this forest conservation initiative to offset the carbon footprint left by your travels and be part of the preservation of this, one of the richest, most biodiverse places on planet Earth.

Due Process

Our carbon offsetting product meets the strict international guidelines set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations. In fact, it includes audits set by the ISO14064 Standard and are endorsed by the certification scheme of Germany’s TÜV Rheinland.

So, specifically, how does one travel carbon neutral with Metropolitan Touring?

  1. Once you have booked your trip through Metropolitan Touring, our expert-certified calculator will measure the carbon footprint for your trip and will quote you for your offset, a price which will depend on the type and length of your trip (an average 2-week trip is about $30).
  2. Your investment will go towards the purchase and long-term lease of the forestlands of the Choco Bioregion. As this forest increases in size and health, it will absorb carbon dioxide, removing it from the air and helping mitigate climate change, as well as favoring biodiversity.
  3. Travel and be part of the effort to reduce climate change.

Metropolitan Touring is now a Carbon Neutral Company!

In 2016, Metropolitan Touring decided to become a carbon neutral company, offsetting 100% of its emissions in projects located in Ecuador. We have certified the endorsement of carbon neutrality under the International Standard: ISO14064-1

Carbon neutrality, unlike a previous compliance certification, is obtained when the year is over. Therefore, during the first three months of 2021, we have obtained the guarantee regarding 2020 emissions. We are now Carbon Neutral!

We offset our emissions right here in Ecuador, in the Chocó Andino forests belonging to the Mashpi Reserve and the Tayra Reserve. This gives the process added validity because the investment in compensation remains in Ecuador.

Understanding Carbon Neutral