Red-Footed Boobies Population Bounces Back

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On January 25, 2016, Galapagos Conservancy announced the fabulous news that the population of red-footed boobies at Punta Pitt has recovered! According to their article, the latest census counts 974 adult birds, 89 chicks and 252 juveniles on the ground and in bushes. Adding in flying birds will probably increase the number by 10%. These numbers register a sharp increase versus the 45 red-footed boobies (sula sula) registered at Punta Pitt on San Cristobal Island in 1998, less than 10 years ago.

Much of this success can be linked to Galapagos National Park efforts to reduce foreign predators such as ants, rodents, feral cats and goats and to eradicate invasive plant species so as to provide increased vegetation and native food sources.

Our congratulations to the park management team for this achievement and our invitation to you to come to see this unique fauna in its natural habitat on our Eastern Islands itinerary on Santa Cruz II.

Updated:June 19, 2023

Published:February 3, 2016


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