Food on a Galapagos Cruise: We’ve Got You Covered

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Diego Zapata

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Napoleon once said that “an army can’t march on an empty stomach.”Here in the Galapagos we have our own little version of that quote that goes” our guests can’t explore on an empty stomach.” And that’s why food on a Galapagos cruise is an important component of our journeys! Fully experiencing the wonders and the magic that occurs in the Galapagos requires virtually every square inch of our attention and energy. While a walk in the Galapagos National Park is incredibly wonderful and relatively easy, it is often-times a mentally taxing experience given the range of new experiences and sensations that we’re continuously soaking in. From the vast array of Galapagos BIG15 iconic species to the otherworldly terrains one will venture across (and the numerous activities that one will get to partake in)… being in the Galapagos can oftentimes feel like we’re astronauts on another planet. In Galapagos, energy is constantly at the forefront of being able to properly enjoy and experience a place as new and extraordinary as this.

Santa Cruz Ii Cruise's Gastronomic Team
Our Gastronomic Team Aboard The Santa Cruz Ii, Always At The Ready.

And we’re at the ready to offer a delicious solution to said reality, and it comes in the form of top-notch gastronomic delights that are served aboard the Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise. As a result of the numerous excursions one will go on, we are always focused on providing our guests with sufficient “fuel” for the journey that awaits them each and every day, from scrumptious breakfasts to satisfying lunches all the way to a superb dinner buffet in the evening – we guarantee that guests will never have their bellies growling or empty throughout their entire Galapagos excursion. Food on a Galapagos cruise is key to enjoying the islands properly!

Food on a Galapagos Cruise (Expedition Vessel)

Culinary Delights Await
First things first: We have a Le Cordon Bleu-certified Gastronomic Director that oversees the culinary operations aboard all our vessels and at our land-based products. He’s in charge of designing each buffet and dinner menu, taking inspiration from both local Ecuadorian and international flavors. Aboard the Santa Cruz II, we cover all food groups via meals that are made from the freshest ingredients available.

Please note that the items listed in the following buffets are by no means a complete or comprehensive list of every single item the Santa Cruz II serves. There’s plenty of options available, and keep in mind that we are rotating them continuously on a daily basis so as not to repeat the same meals over and over again.

Breakfast Buffets

It’s early in the morning in the Galapagos, you’ve just rolled out of your cpzy bed and the Hotel Manager happily invites all the guests on board to proceed downstairs for breakfast. And we’re sure getting up every morning here won’t be all that hard, especially when you consider what awaits you at the Beagle Restaurant…

Our breakfast buffets come replete with nutritious goodness that covers all the essential food groups to get your day started. From the exquisite protein group in the form of salmon carpaccio, bacon, sausages, and eggs to your selection of carbs that vary from hash browns, pancakes, waffles, French toasts, cereals, oats, yogurt (just to name a few!) – our breakfast buffet is sure to satiate and break your fast in the most delightful way possible. Compliment all of this with a fresh selection of fruits (some of which are exotically Ecuadorian), juices and coffee, and we can’t think of a better way to start your day!

Lunch Buffets

After an exciting morning experiencing your Galapagos visitor site of the day, nothing beats coming back to the comfort of the Santa Cruz II, taking a break, soaking in the views and then fueling up before your next excursion later that day.

Lunch Aboard The Santa Cruz Ii Galapagos Cruise.
Lunch Is Ready!

Our lunch buffets during this hour offer a wide variety of options, beginning with a selection of delicious soups. Carbs are covered in the form of rice, pasta, potatoes, and/or bread. Proteins come in the form of chicken, beef, fish, pork, beans and/or quinoa. The Santa Cruz II also makes it a point to, at least on one day during our itinerary, introduce our guests to traditional Ecuadorian plates during this meal, these of which range from: Hornado (oven-baked pork), ceviche (a seafood cocktail that consists of shrimp, fish, basil leaf and/or sometimes even a combination of all of these), llapingachos (mashed potato patties), and much, much more! The salad bar at this hour comes equipped with super fresh produce and a ton of condiments. Top it all off with an exquisite bit of dessert, and we’re sure you’ll be more than ready to head out into the wonders of the Galapagos once again!

Heads Up! You’ll notice that, during your lunch, our waiters will come around to ask what you’ll be having for dinner later that evening. So please be sure to peruse the dinner menu that you will find on your table while you feast on your lunch.

Vegetarian Options

The Santa Cruz II chef and kitchen staff make it a point to satisfy any and all dietary needs that our guests have. Buffets and dinner menus will always include vegetarian options that cover a range of deliciously prepared veggies, non-meat proteins as well as a fully-equipped salad bar. We recommend that guests notify us about any specific, special dietary needs beforehand.

Gourmet Dinner Buffet

As the evening rolls in, your spirit and mind are sure to cool off and feel fulfilled by all the experiences you’ve had. What better way to compliment such a spiritual sense of peace and satisfaction than by complementing the body with its respective level of satisfaction.

Santa Cruz Ii Cruise's Guests Enjoying Their Gourmet Dinner And The Sunset.
Enjoy A Gourmet Dinner While Admiring The Astonishing Sunset Aboard The Santa Cruz Ii.

Our gourmet dinner buffet caters the most demanding palates. It’s during this time that guests will get to indulge in the crème-de-la-crème of what our chef and the gastronomic team can prepare onboard. And we can assure you they’ll deliver! Expertly prepared fish, chocolate volcanoes, creative couscous-based entrees and wholesome soups are but a taste of what’s for dinner!

*For an added price, you can complement your meals with sodas/pops, wines, and/or cocktails.

A Couple Enjoying Our Cocktails In Galapagos.
Enjoy The Best Cocktails And Wines Aboard The Santa Cruz Ii Galapagos Cruise

Food on a Galapagos Cruise: Did Someone Say Snacks?

Small snacks and refreshments await our guests when they come back from their morning and afternoon excursions. Complimentary snacks, such as sushi and finger-food, are served in the early evening, prior to dinner, up by the bar. If weather permits, at least one night will involve an open-air barbecue up on our outdoor terrace. Top Secret Tip for Guests: There’re cookie jars filled with, well, cookies over in the Expedition Lounge!

So you see? Food on a Galapagos cruise is paramount when it comes to properly experiencing the Enchanted Isles, and we here aboard the Santa Cruz II have got you covered!

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Javier Garcia

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