Yacht La Pinta: A Comfortable and Perfect Expedition Vessel for Those Who Travel Together

At the end of a long day on the islands, there’s nothing like being able to recline within the cool comfort of a stateroom with your favourite book in hand. The young one’s can play about the ships communal areas or soak in the beautiful views of the archipelago while pretending to be pirates surveying undiscovered territory. The Yacht La Pinta experience, complete with its 24 comfortable cabins and ample communal spaces, is perfect for all guests looking to get the most out of their Galapagos experience while enjoying every step of the journey.

Yacht La Pinta Galapagos Islands.

Explore Galapagos aboard Yacht La Pinta.

Rooms and Services On Par with Comfort and Luxury

The 24 rooms on Yacht La Pinta can be accommodated to have either twin or queen size beds and four of them can be interconnected to the adjacent cabin. Accompanying this versatility in our accommodations are amenities aboard our ship that include large social areas, a jacuzzi, a gym, our glass-bottom boat, and a sun deck complete with lounge chairs to relax on. Hot and cold water is available at all times, and sufficient closet space will allow passengers to settle in. Turn the comfort up a notch by regulating the temperature of your cabin at your own taste, along with an MP3 sound system that allows you to listen to tunes as you soak in the views from the comfort of your room. Restless at night? Reading lights let you read deep into the night or browse your electronic device without interrupting the sleep of your loved one.

La pinta cabin.

Comfortable and elegant suites in Yatch La Pinta.

Should your stomach start to grumble aboard Yacht La Pinta, there’s no need to get too restless or start thinking about what to prepare – delicious cuisine will be served promptly aboard this Galapagos luxury cruise for all meals throughout the day. Not to mention, attentive and courteous staff and crew aboard the yacht will be at the ready for anything you might be needing. Faultless service and stylish design embellish the adventure of this isolated group of enchanted islands.

Bar in La Pinta.

Our courteous bartenders at La Pinta Bar.

Never A Dull Moment on Yacht La Pinta: Numerous Flavours of Fun for the Whole Family!

Our Galapagos itineraries are as complete as possible for all those looking to get the most out of the archipelago. Our visitor sites offer complete immersion into this amazing places and all the living treasures that the islands are home to. Expert naturalist guides will complement your trip throughout the enchanted isles, adding to the extraordinary moments by offering an in-depth explanation of the magic that’s unravelling before your own eyes (and feet)! Check out our Big15 group of iconic species to get a sneak peak at what you’ll be experiencing!

Galapagos cost: Kayaking in Galapagos

Enjoy Yacht La Pinta itineraries.

Activities will be available throughout each day of your itinerary, offering guests the opportunity to experience the Galapagos in a more active manner. From snorkelling to kayaking, there’s plenty of different ways to experience the islands and wildlife. Tired after the excursions? Then why not simply sit back and admire it all from the comfort of Yacht La Pinta! Soak in the incredible views or spend the quiet evenings counting stars with your loved ones, reflecting on the day that you’ve all experienced together. Whatever you decide, each moment embraces the spirit of adventure and wonder of the Galapagos while guaranteeing the safety and comfort along every step of the journey.

Yacht La Pinta jacuzzi.

Our relaxing jacuzzi aboard Yacht La Pinta.

Each and every day aboard Yacht La Pinta is filled with plenty to do and experiences to share with your loved ones. You’ll get the most out of the Galapagos and come back to a “mini-vacation” from your adventures awaiting you when your return to the luxurious expedition cruise that is Yacht La Pinta. And best of all? You’ll come back with a smile on your face.

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