Why Explore Galapagos by Cruise

Yacht La Pinta, Galapagos Islands.

Explore the Galapagos Islands in our Yacht La Pinta.

So, you´re thinking about traveling to Galapagos but you’re not sure whether to travel by sea or go island hopping.
Though both options promise enchanting experiences, we believe that cruises offer the best option to make the most out of your limited time.

On a cruise you can cover more ground

To the surprise of many, the distances between islands are quite large, so visiting every tourist attraction by your own means will most likely be limited. If you´re island hopping on your own your arrival and departure times will often depend on the availability of public transport, meaning that you´ll likely reach attractions during peak visiting hours.
On the other hand, when aboard a Cruise, these long trips will be done overnight so that you can live up your Galapagos experience to the fullest and sometimes enjoy have the attractions to yourself.

Some attractions can only be accessed by the sea

As much as trips overland have a lot to offer, certain Galapagos attractions can only be accessed by boat. Accessing sites such as Genovesa Islands on a private boat can cost on average $150.00 USD, and visiting many unmissable sites can quickly make a dent in your pocket. Cruise ships have the cost of such excursions built into the overall package, ensuring that you are able to take full advantage of what the Galapagos has to offer without incurring additional costs.
Overland trips are not for the easily sea-sick.
If you´re planning an overland Galapagos trip, you’re necessarily have to move from island to island, and most of these trips are offered by small motor boats. The waters in Galapagos are particularly choppy year round, and those who suffer from sea or motion sickness will find these 2-4 hour trips particularly challenging.
Larger cruise ships are able to absorb the choppy waters with ease, make travel time between islands faster and less stomach wrenching. Instead of spending your time worried about keeping your good down, you can enjoy stargazing, unique gastronomy, comfortable beds, and onboard entertainment.

Galapagos cruise ships are designed for security and safety

On a cruise, customers have the security of being guided by a professional on board crew with years of experience and training. On the larger Galapagos cruise ships Captains have 4 bars on their uniform, meaning they have the highest naval rank. Large vessels also have a medical officer on call 24/7 can assure first class attention. These vessels also have a fully equipped operating room for minor surgeries in case of emergency.

Cruise Ships handle the logistic work

When on land, most tourists are worried about waking up early, packing and unpacking every day, making it to the next transportation on time, and thinking about the next meal. On cruise ships you are liberated from planning and executing your trip, as itineraries and meals are planned and arrivals and departures are taken care of. The boats´ staff are friendly and experienced and are there to ensure your well being.

Cruise Ships always have a plan B

When on vacation any number of factors can force us to change plans. If the weather doesn’t cooperate with your itinerary, or an exploding volcano gets in the way, cruise ships always have a plan B to ensure that unforeseen circumstances don´t put a cramp in your travel plans.
While there are many ways to explore Galapagos and simply being on the islands is a magical experience in its own right, for many people travelling to the archipelago is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Choosing to invest in a cruise can help you live this unique experience to the fullest.

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