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As owners/operators of Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel, Mashpi Lodge, Santa Cruz II Galapagos Cruise, Yacht La Pinta, and Yacht Isabela, three exclusive hotels throughout Ecuador, and three stellar expedition vessels in the Galapagos, we provide guests with unforgettable experiences in some of the safest and most unique destinations in South America.

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Explore Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

From the snow-peaked beauty of the Andes Mountains to the lush greens and stunning wildlife of the Chocó tropical rainforest, from the ornate architecture of Quito’s bustling Historical Center to the remarkable and tranquil wonders of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has something for everyone!

Explore Colombia

Colombia is the international gateway to South America, with major international airports and ports on its Caribbean and Pacific coasts. The country’s main draws are the natural landscapes, engaging cultures, and gastronomic options available throughout the country’s vast range of urban and rural locales, all brimming with eclectic spirit and beauty.

Explore Peru

Peru is situated along western South America and is widely regarded as the hallmark of archeological and cultural experiences in the continent. With numerous cities saturated with remarkable historycultures, and culinary offerings, your clients will have their senses tingling at every corner; the archeological sites will leave them in unforgettable awe.

What makes Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands so unique?

  • As one of the most remote yet accessible destinations in the world, the Galapagos Islands are isolated and well-regulated by the Galapagos National Park, which comprises 97% of the territory.
  • As the location of the Islands, like that of the mainland, straddles the equatorial line, the climate is temperate all year long; there are no hurricanes, extreme weather, or typhoons that present complications for travel.
  • The Galapagos Islands and many regions of mainland Ecuador are home to unique, native, and endemic species of plants and animals. In other words, a lot of what you see when visiting these destinations cannot be observed anywhere else on Earth.
  • Most islands in the Galapagos are uninhabited. The National Park regulates site visits throughout and provides for their protection. Expedition vessels’ itineraries must be approved for visitors to explore these uninhabited gems in small, guided groups.

What makes Colombia so unique?

  • Colombia’s vast cultural and natural offerings mean every visitor has a wealth of things to see and do.
  • Explore the fantastic natural parks and reserves, incredible beaches and coastlines, winding rivers, picturesque valleys, sprawling metropolises, or Colonial-era towns against every scenic backdrop imaginable.
  • Colombia is known for its finest quality coffee. The process of planting, harvesting, and processing this remarkable bean is an integral part of any visit to the Coffee Triangle.
  • Barranquilla is home to South America’s second most important Carnival celebration.
Machu Picchu Peru

What makes Peru so unique?

  • Peru is so rich and diverse that it is almost impossible to summarize it in a couple of lines. Its geography makes it a perfect destination for those who carry an adventurous spirit.
  • Immerse yourself in an incredible journey through time in the most remote landscapes of Peru. Get a first-hand experience inside different communities once the cradle of ancient civilizations.
  • Visitors to the Peruvian Coast can enjoy the gorgeous beaches and relaxing waves of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Peruvian Highlands will provide access to stunning archeological sites and captivating settlements.

Your Best Resource: Our Team of Destination Experts, Operations, and Support Staff

Our solid reputation as an ecologically minded tour operator and industry leader is thanks to our satisfaction with our customers and international partners and the support we give to local communities where we operate.

Our destination experts team comprises local professionals with intimate knowledge of our products and the places where we operate. The support we offer is immediate, extensive, and in-house. Metropolitan Touring’s operations and support teams include experienced problem solvers and medical professionals. They are available 24/7 along every step of our customer’s journey—on the ground, in the air, and all aboard. Our job is to be prepared for any unexpected or unusual eventuality.

Gabriela Cruz Commercial Manager
I was born and raised in Quito with a family that loved nature, animals, and the outdoors. I grew up surrounded by Quito traditions and learned from a young age the importance of valuing our practices. I studied Business Administration and Finance at USFQ, but my first job was in Tourism at Metropolitan Touring. This industry ultimately involved me; interacting with different cultures and nationalities and sharing my passion for this country has been very rewarding. I have worked for MT for the last 22 years, moving to various departments and learning a lot about the company and my country.
Sonia Luque Agency Account Coordinator
I graduated with Foreign Trade and Business Administration. Always passionate about traveling, I undertook a journey in tourism to share what I have learned, focused on customer service and creating magical moments for our passengers.
Doménica Santos Business Executive
I studied Tourism Business Administration at Sek International University. I have been working for six years in the tourism industry. This industry is fantastic and something I am passionate about since there is always something new to learn. I am a person who enjoys nature, especially animals. I love to travel and spend time with the people closest to me.

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