How to Choose the Best Galapagos Cruise: 3 Simple Tips to Narrow Down Your Options

With nearly 70 vessels to choose from in Galapagos, narrowing down the best Galapagos cruise might seem like a daunting task at first. But with a proper sense of what you want to get out of your trip, as well as looking at safety during your travel, then the answer to the question “Which is the Best Galapagos Cruise?” is actually quite simple!

We’ve identified the top 3 hacks to help you select the Best Galapagos Cruise:

How to choose the best Galapagos cruise.

Here’s a guide you can use to choose your Galapagos cruise!


    1. Look for Simultaneous Activities

Multiguided cruises and excursions in the Galapagos.

Enjoy the variety of simultaneous activities during your Galapagos cruise trip.

Does your Galapagos cruise offer a proper variety of simultaneous activities throughout each day?

Make sure that your Galapagos cruise offers a decent variety of different activities that cater to your interests. To experience Galapagos is to explore them, to engage with them, and be active throughout each and every visitor site available. Now imagine if your vessel of choice offered just one activity per visitor site. Wouldn’t you feel somewhat disappointed, or even worse – feel that dreaded bit of FOMO?

Such is the risk one takes when they choose to experience the Galapagos aboard a single-guided vessel.

What is the world saying about us?

Taken from Cruise Critic’s article ‘So Far from Mass Tourism’: How the Galapagos Islands Could Help Restart Cruises:

“One company has already quietly restarted its operations in the Galapagos. Ecuadorian-based Metropolitan Touring resumed its first post-shutdown operations aboard the 48-passenger La Pinta on August 2, 2020, and has committed to operating every sailing, taking all the necessary safe travel measures — even if only one passenger is on board.”

Interested? Read more here.

It is highly important to remember: Visitors are not allowed to explore the Galapagos National Park on their own. The Galapagos National Park Authority requires that all vessels host their excursions with one Naturalist Guide per (maximum) 16 guests. Consequently, single-guided boats only offer one activity per site at a time.

So, which is the best Galapagos cruise when it comes to offering an actual, decent selection of activities? Multi-guided cruises, of which there are only 18 in Galapagos. Multi-guided vessels give guests the added benefit (and actual freedom) to choose from a variety of different activities throughout the day, rather than feel beholden to what their guide designates as the activity of the day or, even worse – what the majority of passengers vote for. What’s more? Multi-guided vessels often times have an even lower guide-guest ratio when it comes to excursions, making for a more intimate and personalized encounter with nature.

    1. Safety First

Onboard Medical Officer on a Galapagos cruise

Our ships count on a 24/7 Medical Officer.

Is your Galapagos cruise actually concerned about your travel safety and the wellbeing of Galapagos waters?

Sure enough, many come to the Galapagos Islands assuming they’ll be OK throughout the entire excursion, and more often than not, they absolutely will be perfectly fine. But only a handful of vessels in Galapagos (10, to be exact) go the extra mile by providing a 24-hour onboard Medical Officer. Why you might ask? Just so that, in the highly rare event that anything should happen to you during your trip to Galapagos, you can quickly be assisted in getting back up on your feet and return to exploring the Galapagos in no time. After all, you wouldn’t want to let a small accident or minor injury end up ruining your Galapagos tour of this once-in-a-lifetime destination, right? That’s what onboard Medical Officers are there to help with.

This group of 10 vessels with an onboard Medical Officer also happens to keep the Galapagos waters in mind when it comes to protecting the delicate flora and fauna of each visitor site. Black and grey water are continuously treated aboard this specific group of vessels, too, giving guests a special peace of mind when it comes to enjoying Galapagos responsibly. What’s the difference: Galapagos Cruise or Yacht? There are plenty of boats and cruise options in the Galapagos, so it might be hard to start planning your trip to the Galapagos Islands. Here we have a few things to take into consideration when choosing between a Galapagos cruise ship (otherwise known as Expedition Vessels) and yachts:

      • Galapagos Yachts: These are ideal for a comfortable stay and exploration of the islands. Yachts offer comfortable social areas and, on average, around 24 cabins for up to 48 guests. Water stability and luxury are their key features.
      • Galapagos Cruises: All the commodities are covered and exploration activities are abundant. Cruise ships include a restaurant, numerous, spacious social areas, and a gym, among other features. They usually have, on average, around 50 cabins for up to 90 guests.
    1. Explore the Galapagos Properly

Kayaking and exploration tools in the Galapagos

Make sure your Galapagos cruise has all the tools you need for a proper exploration of the Islands!

Does your Galapagos cruise provide you with the exploration tools you’ll need to properly experience Galapagos?

Because it just so happens that only 8 cruises in Galapagos provide their guests with the full list of exploratory tools, such as glass-bottom boats, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. Don’t forget: the Galapagos Islands are an EXPEDITION DESTINATION that is meant to be experienced in as many different ways as possible! This hack actually ties in quite nicely with our first hack, given none of these activities would be as enticing as they are if you didn’t have the freedom to pick from the numerous different ways that these vessels offer for exploring the islands. Not in the mood to get wet, but still curious about the underwater world of Galapagos? Glass-bottom boats are here to save your visit! All while other guests are equally free to plunge into the water and snorkel around, or glide above it on a kayak in their own group with a guide!

Final, Bonus Hacks for Choosing the Best Galapagos Cruise

And now that you have those 3 hacks under your belt when it comes to choosing the best Galapagos cruise, join us in our twitter poll and let us know how you feel about the following:

You’re now ready to choose your Galapagos Cruise. Embark on an unbelievable journey NOW!

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