We are now home and adjusting back to life in Melbourne.

Hi Gissela
We are now home and adjusting back to life in Melbourne. Although it was a very busy itinerary we loved everything. Casa Gangotena is beautiful and a wonderful place to stay in the old town but we were glad we stayed at the Hilton Colon in the newer part of the city, as well, on the nights when we really were only there overnight. We loved catching up with our friends on la Pinta. The Galapagos Islands and the wildlife were even more wonderful than I expected and the naturalists and staff on the boat were very professional and enthusiastic. The drive to Mashpi and back to Quito, although long and tiring was made up for by the fabulous accommodation and food at the Lodge. We loved the birds, butterflies and the environs of the Lodge too. The cruise train trip was fun and we were looked after very well. My favourite day was when we stopped at Guamote with the indigenous market all around us. It was lovely to meet the local kindergarten children and to hear their songs and to listen to the musicians. Victor and his team of guides and staff worked tirelessly to ensure everyone was comfortable and happy.
The only downside of my trip was leaving my kindle behind. I know it is an old model but I am unable to replace it and I use it a lot when travelling. I am happy to wait for someone coming to Australia. I think I could arrange for it to be picked up in Sydney. Alternatively, my son in New York City is coming home in November. I wonder how much it would be to send it to him. The cost to Australia seems excessive.
I appreciate you helping me with this matter and all your assistance with the planning of the trip.
The Metropolitan staff who took care of transfers were all very friendly, helpful and efficient. Our only (small) disappointment was when we left tren Crucero on a shared bus to transfer from the train to the Hilton in Guayaquil. It was a long tedious transfer. We noticed Metropolitan was at the station to transfer others. Admittedly, we were very tired by then, after all our travels.
The transfer to the airport the next day went well but as there was no confirmation of a transfer at the hotel, I phoned the contact in Quito on the card Fatima had given us upon arrival in Quito. The person I spoke with was very efficient, she contacted Guayaquil and in a short time I was contacted by someone locally and we were set.
I hope this gives you the information you want in order to keep doing the good work you all do at Metropoltan Touring.
Kind regards CL

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