Walter Suhr and Susana Trimmer

Upon arriving to the Galapagos, the experience was fantastic. Not only because of the unique and extraordinary setting, but because of the wonderful level of service. You can sense that the personnel enjoys working there. They feel happy, eager and ready to offer help. The naturalist guides are very knowledgeable, the food is great, and the schedule runs tight. (Too early for a musician, can’t you ask the dolphins to swim a little later?) I have been recommending it to all my friends and will continue to do so. Metropolitan Touring is the best! My thanks to Captain Cuvi, Peter, Pilar and all the gang! I am very happy with the service I received from Metropolitan Touring and its sister company Adventure Asociates in the US. From the moment we started organizing our trip, the service was helpful and efficient. They responded to my questions and concerns always within hours either by phone or email. We requested several changes to the standard vacation and they acommodated our needs promptly. David and Jillian were patient and thorough in their explanations.

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