Tony and Pippa Halliday

We both enjoyed the introduction to the Andes Cuenca and Guayaquil. The Devil’s’ Nose was less intimindating than Pippa had expected. Our guide (Juan Carlos) performed admirably. He had to to work in Portuguese as well as English and the Brazilians on the trip assured us he did well, His rewourcefulness was required when Cuenca airport was closed off to road traffic because of the return of the body of the Defence Minister. So JC had to organize porters to come from tthe airport with trolleys to transport our baggage over broken paving in pouring rain! Arrangements in Guayquill worked well and perhaps thanks to you we were installed in the Hiltons executive suite. We will certainly be recommending you to our friends and perhaaps, who knows, we will return for another look at your delightful country.

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