Tom Rawding

Hello Carolina We just returned to Nova Scotia this past Friday and I wanted to thank you and Metropolitan Touring for making our time in Ecuador the wonderful experience it truly was. Thanks to you personally for taking the time with organizing our tours and having the parience in dealing with all my various questions. You handled things well. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention 2 individuals from your company that were with us for most of the tours we enjoyed. There was our driver Armando – Despite the language barrier, Armando was just great. His driving never made us feel uncomfortable. He took great pride in the appearance and cleanliness of the vehicle. His sense of humour and willingness to help out was appreciated. Then, of course, there was our guide Marco. We have been fortunate over the past 6 years or so to experience many guides from around the world, most of them very good and proficient in handling their jobs. Marco provided us with the best experience we have ever had with a guide. He was so personable, had a good command of the English language, was extremely knowledgeable of his country, displayed an indepth knowledge of both the flora and fauna and most importantly his love for his work was obvious. Metropolitan Touring are fortunate to have Marco in their employ. Thanks once again and I wish you all the best. Tom Rawding

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