Theresa and Tim

Maria Paulina, I have been delinquent in not writing sooner to tell you how much we appreciated the wonderful planning that you did for us. The trip was excellent and the engagement with the people, the culture, the history, the food and the art were outstanding. Our guide, Gustavo, was very good. As he got to know us better, he gave us several options for activities that might interest us and we were very appreciative of that. You choice of locations to sleep and eat were also outstanding and we were showered with kind attention throughout the trip. Plus, the volcano erupting was so exciting. How did you arrange that J? Andreas is an exceptional driver. He was always focused on the road, never eating or answering the telephone when driving. His concentration was such that he talked very little which was appreciated by us. Even more important was his steering and his gentle touch on the gas pedal and brake. My husband gets motion sick and never once did he experience any discomfort with Andreas. We felt very safe with him and were overjoyed that he was assigned as our driver when we went to Otavalo. It was such a good and comfortable feeling. Tim and I plan to go to Argentina and Easter Islands within the next several years. We are so pleased with our experience with Metropolitan Touring that we will heartily recommend it to anyone who travels to countries in which you provide services. Thank you again so much. Our sincerest best wishes for a happy and healthy new year, Theresa and Tim

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