Sue and Tony Smith

What a fantastic holiday. Thank you so much for enthusing me to go to Ecuador. It is such a beautiful country. Women washing their clothes in the river at Otavalo and the facinating market. The old town in Quito and dining in a top floor restaurant overlooking Quito by night. The Chiva Express through the Avenue of Volcanos, then on again via Chiva from Riobamba to Alausi and the Devils Nose switchback. Three nights in Cuenca – such a pretty place. Across via Cajas National Park from Cuenca by car to Guayaquil. We walked the Malecon 2000 twice!! The Galapagos was amazing. Thank you for recommending the Santa Cruz – what a well run ship and so comfortable. The cruise (or rather expedition) was so interesting and such fun. It exceeded expectations but must admit after 8 days of getting up at 6am for disembarkation at 6.45am in temperatures of 90+ degrees for several facinating hours hike, we are feeling somewhat shattered!!! I did deep sea snorkelling and actually swam with turtles, penguins, rays and sea lions all in one snorkelling trip. Mind boggling!!

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