Peg and Peter Saenger

Dear Metropolitan, Thanks for asking about our Galapagos adventure aboard the Santa Cruz. The short answer is: it was better than we ever dreamed… …in more gushing detail: Our Metropolitan Touring experience was smooth sailing from the first 800 number chat with Carolina Alban, who listened to our hopes and turned them into a trip that exceeded our dreams, to the naturalists and shipboard staff… wow, what wonderful memories! There could not be a better expedition leader than Moreno, period. His corps of naturalists are superb, Maria Carmen and Grace stood out. Everyday was action (example: swimming with penguins!) packed, well planned, and as rigorous or laid back as one wanted. Night time was amazing as well, we will never forget the stars, and watching from the rail, under the ship’s lights, the swimming sea lions chasing the flying flying fish at rocket speed. M. V. Santa Cruz was the perfect vessel for us; lovely cabins at a cost we could afford, a wonderful variety of delicious food, and a crew of the nicest folks. Did I mention happy hour every evening on the sun deck…? Our trilingual Captain led a delightful band of attentive folks, most notable were guest relations mavins Christen and Albert. We have wanted to see Ecuador’s exquisite islands since we were married forty years ago… Metropolitan Touring delivered a beyond expectation experience, thank you for the memories, we can not imagine it being better. Warmest regards, Peg and Peter Saenger …well, there is one suggestion ….those chocolates on the pillow every night, the cute ones in the shapes of turtles etc… our fellow passengers and we agreed that while they could be smaller… they would be vastly improved if they were of the world famous Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate… really that’s our only quibble…

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