Pearl Wheeler

Thank you so much for organising all the details of our recent holiday in the Galapagos Islands. It was a very special visit and my family will always remember the time we spent together and all the things we saw. We loved the cocktail bar and spent a happy time there every evening watching the sun go down. We loved sharing our breakfast with Darwin’s finches and being woken by the laughing gulls in the morning. Everyone was so friendly but also professional, the food was delicious, the guides were knowledgable and enthusiastic about wildlife and very patient and made sure that we had a good experience. The boat was comfortable, well-equipped and the food on board was excellent too. Finch Bay was even better than expected in every way. Everyone at the hotel helped to make every day special, whether we were on an excursion or just relaxing around the hotel. I do hope that the Islands stay as beautiful as they are and that we are able to visit again one day.

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