Mary L. Gallo

Dear Cristina, Well, I have been back to “reality” for a full week now after my amazing holidays in Ecuador. I apologize for not writing sooner, but I caught a terrible cold on Monday and have been out most of this week because of it. Cristina, my husand and I are so grateful to you for the unforgettable experience we had in the Galapagos with Metropolitan Touring. What a beautiful ship and an incredible crew! We loved everything about the experience- the group of people with whom we did the excursions (made friends from Austria, Israel and Italy!), our guide/naturalist, Javier, the islands themselves- it was all amazing! Jeff and I also loved meeting you and Michael in Quito. It was very kind of you to come out on such an awful evening! I find the Galapagos almost impossible to describe – but it hasn’t stopped me from telling everyone I know that they have to visit! And rest assured that I tell everyone that if/when they do, that they need to book through Metropolitan Touring. Thank you so much for your kindness. Do let me know if your travels bring you to the US and Chicago- I would love to return the favor! Kind regards, Mary L. Gallo Chicago, IL

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