Daniella Livnat

I want to tell you that our trip to the Galapagos was beyond fabulous. We had very high expectations, as Metropolitan and Isabella II came recommended, and our expectations were exceeded. It was simply perfect. From being picked up in the hotel, finding our luggage in the cabin, the size of the boat, the design of the rooms, the superb naturalists, the food, the crew, the logistical execution, choices, flexibility, everything. And of course, dealing with you was fantastic. There is no question that Metropolitan tries to maintain the highest standard. And then of course, the islands themselves and the rich waters provided a unique experience that is hard to describe. We had the most unusual, unbelievable sighting of 3 whales that came quite close to the pangas and even flipped in the air 3 times. I am recommending this trip and Metropolitan to my friends. All the best to you. .

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