How To Take great photos in The Galapagos Islands

One of the many wonders of The Galapagos is its fauna; especialle specially its colorful crabs -with different shades of orange- that walk in between the rocks made up of black lava, a porous texture that form on the coasts of this Archipelago. When crabs are young, they are black or brown in colour which helps them camouflage from predators like the heron and other birds. When they grow, the crabs begin to change and turn into the precious bright orange tone; some have pink or yellow polka dots or blue splotches and they can grow up to 20 centimetres.
Because of the above mentioned qualities, photographing Sally Lightfoot Crabs is a pleasure. That is why I share with you 8 things you should know so your picture taking is a lot simpler:
1. Location: Even though you can find them on all of the islands, Bartolome Island has a vast amount of them because it is a volcanic islet.
2. Camera: Although they can be snapped with any camera, even with a phone; for a better experience, a professional or semi professional camera is the best option as you may have to zoom in to get a better shot.
3. Scenery: It is common to photograph them with black volcanic rocks to contrast their brilliant colours; they also have the incredible ability to walk on water, so the camera must be ready to capt them in that exact instance.
4. Other Species: Crabs are not very territorial. They sometimes share their space with iguanas and sea lions; thanks to this, your pictures will most likely have a variety of fauna in them.
5. Feeding: Crabs on the Galapagos (like scavenger crabs) feed on a variety of algae and dead animals.
6. Description: Crabs are invertebrate that have 5 legs, the two in the front are symmetrical and are shaped like tweezers. The other crab legs are large and sort of flat in which they touch the ground on their tiptoes.
7. Behaviour: Have your lense ready because if you get too close to them they will hide in the rocks. You have to be very careful so that you don’t frighten them and stay quite still so they walk up to you on their own.
8. What clothing should I sport?
These crustaceans live in lava rocks that are constantly hit with waves and strong winds. Wear comfortable sports or water shoes and light clothing that can get wet so you can take some awesome pictures.
With these tips, you will most definitely take some spectacular pictures of these colorful crustaceans that decorate the Enchanted Islands. A pretty cool challenge! Your next photography goal can be to snap a few pictures of the swimming sea lions with a GoPro camera.
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