Sea-Sickness Proof Galapagos Travel

A dreamy vacation on a Galapagos yacht sounds amazing! But… if only you weren’t prone to sea-sickness. For some, just thinking about the back-and-forth rocking of the boat makes them a little bit dizzy, unfortunately. Many are faced with the disappointment of not being able to fulfill their life-long dream of seeing one of the most magical places on Earth. But quit worrying! We’ve got something that throws all that negativity away and brings you multiple steps closer to what you thought was unfulfillable: We present you with Yacht Isabela II’s sea-sickness proof Galapagos travel! Behold, the Central Islands Itinerary!

How strong are the waves in the Galapagos?

The archipelago is very far away from the continent, which means that it is totally exposed to the open ocean currents. It is common knowledge that the movement of the sea is barely felt on bigger ships, such as massive cruise liners. However, there are two main differences one must keep in mind when comparing these to Galapagos expedition vessels: 1. The Galapagos National Park doesn’t allow boats that can carry more than a hundred passengers inside the archipelago; 2. The Pacific Ocean is not really that pacific at times. Its underwater currents are very strong, but barely felt on open sea. However, when they go through shallow areas, they get agitated through friction, causing the sea to be wavier.  Keep in mind, though, that the Pacific Ocean is home to wonderful endemic wildlife and many close-sighting opportunities. If merging with nature and its most savage version of beauty is what you want, then Galapagos is definitely the place for you.

Marine iguanas basking under the sun. Photo credit: Nicolás Bahamonde

Marine iguanas basking under the sun. Photo credit: Nicolás Bahamonde

In a few words, visitors might feel a Galapagos cruise rocks a little more than bigger cruises, but it is usually a completely bearable motion that goes unnoticed by most passengers. Nonetheless, some of us – including the writer of this post – suffer from sea-sickness wherever we go, no matter the size of the boat or the calmness of the waters. The Central Islands itinerary is a good option for those who don’t want to miss out on the marvels of the archipelago, but still want to enjoy the experience to its fullest.
Why is this itinerary considered sea-sickness proof?
As we said before, the Galapagos Islands are subject to the open sea currents and winds. This means the outskirts of the archipelago are the most exposed to these stronger currents. But the boundaries of the archipelago also act as a natural barrier, reducing the intensity of both the wind and sea currents that are felt in the central parts of the archipelago. This is where our extremely well-thought out itinerary takes place.
Our sea-sickness proof itinerary takes into account both the movement of waves that the boat is exposed to and how long it is exposed to them. All of this without sacrificing the number of wildlife sightings or the experience of visitors in any way. The Central Islands itinerary is designed in such a way that it never sails for more than two hours in a row, not even at night.
In Yacht Isabela II you can enjoy a sea-sickness proof Galapagos travel

In Yacht Isabela II you can enjoy a sea-sickness proof Galapagos travel

Speaking of which, this also doesn’t mean that other expedition vessels (that may have up to eight hours of sailing) are by any means less comfortable. On the contrary, both ways to travel throughout the Galapagos offer the same quality service and amazing experiences. It’s just that the sea-sickness proof itinerary has this attribute specifically in mind, which makes it the option that best-suited for first-time sailors and lightheaded travelers.
What islands and animals can I see on the Central Islands itinerary?
On this fantastic itinerary, you will visit the following amazing islands in the Galapagos: Baltra, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, South Plaza, North Seymour, Bartolome and Santiago. You will also get the chance to see two of the Galapagos’ main highlights: Pinnacle Rock and the Charles Darwin Research Station. When it comes to wildlife sightings, the Central Islands itinerary will surpass your wildest expectations, so take your Galapagos Big15 list out and get ready to start checking off its most iconic species: Galapagos sea lion, Galapagos fur sea lion, giant tortoises, Galapagos land iguana, Santa Fe land iguana, marine iguana, Galapagos hawk, blue-footed booby, Nazca booby, magnificent and greater frigates and the rare Galapagos penguins!
Take advantage of this wonderful itinerary and immerse yourself in a fantastic, complete and transformative Galapagos experience!
Galapagos penguins

Galapagos penguins

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