What is Quito’s GO UIO App?

Last Wednesday (February 21st, 2018), the municipality of Quito and Quito Turismo re-booted its tourism campaign for the city of Quito in the form of a digital app. The objective of this application is to try and attract a higher number of visitors to the capital city of Ecuador. How, you might ask? Find out in this blog!

But wait! What’s with that new logo?

GO UIO app logo
As part of the campaign, the city of Quito also created a new logo that includes design elements that allude to the city’s culture, nature, gastronomy, people and adventure activities that are found within the Metropolitan District of Quito. The “Q” within the logo is meant to reflect the Google Maps inverted-drop-style “pin,” helping indicate that Quito is the destination. The degree symbol at the end of the logo refers to Quito’s position along the equator (Latitude 00°).

Alright, so what is Quito’s GO UIO App?

what is quito's go uio appThe app contains information about the entire city, with schedules, points of interest and an events calendar. Using all this information, the app is capable of creating itineraries of the city of Quito that are tailored to your desires and interests. The app also uses geo-referencing. One of the most convenient features that visitors will find when using the app, however, is the fact it does not require a data plan in order to work.
Using the app without the need to be connected to the internet will allow visitors to easily gain insight into special events of the day, adventure circuits, wildlife viewings, the geographic distribution of the city itself and where to eat and where to stay (among which are Casa Gangotena and Mashpi Lodge). The GO UIO App is also capable of making a special itinerary when you allow the app to narrow down the biggest must-see attractions that are within a 1 km (0.6 mi) radius of where you currently are. The app will also notify you of certain special offers that are currently in effect at nearby places.
You can find the GO UIO App available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.
Lastly, the promotional video for Quito just launched, both in Spanish and English. Be sure to check it out in the video below!

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