Peru Special Programs – Moto Exploration Peru


For those who love extreme activities and adventure the moto exploring is the perfect option.

Departing from Lima you can cross the coast, the highlands, and the jungle in just one day. You travel as much 500 km per day and almost all the routes are asphalted but the most experimented drivers can also choose land routes. The climates vary from the heat of the coast and the jungle to the cold of the highlands, even reaching the 4800 meters above sea level in Ticlio, one of the highest roads in the world. In the Jungle you will travel through routes with big valleys and abundant rivers, you’ll have the chance to see plantations of bananas, pineapples, oranges, and try the exotic gastronomy of the area, rich in fish and fruits. The motorcycles used for the trips are KTM 990 and Triumph 800, brand new 2013.
Sample 3 Day Itinerary
3 days / 2 nights (Distance 1200 km)
Motorcycle pick up at 9:00 am, departure towards Lunahuana, south of Lima by the Panamericana highway, arriving at mid day, rest in the hotel.
Overnight in Lunahuana at the Hotel Los Palomos.
Departure from the hotel at 7:00 am, going to the lakes of Huancaya, a place where the best sightseing pictures can be taken, time or arrival 11:00 am, one hour rest heading towards the city of Conception at 12:00 pm, passing through altitudes of more than 4000 meters over sea level in the peruvian andes.
Overnight in Jauja at the Hotel Loma Verde.
Departure from the hotel at 9:00 am heading towards the city of Lima, passing through La Oroya and Ticlio, one the highests highways in the world with an altitute of 4800 meters over sea level, arrival to Lima at approximately 3:00 pm.

  • Triumph 800
  • KTM 990 or BMW 800 motorcycles
  • Accommodation with breakfast included
  • Assistance during all the journey
  • Snacks during the trips
  • Distances of about 500 km per day.
Not included:

  • Health insurance
  • Safety clothing
  • Helmet.