The NYT includes Northern Peru in its "Top 52 Places to Go in 2015”

Jan 27, 2015
The New York Times this month released its “52 Places to Go in 2015” list and included Peru’s beach-studded and mysterious northern coastline at a high number 18. Travel writer Nicholas Gill noted the destination as “a desert coast that begs to be explored.” The article mentions some of the prime attractions of the region such as astounding archaeological sites, the colonial centre of Trujillo, natural reserves roamed by Andean spectacled bears, and the beaches where Hemingway once made his rounds fishing. Smartly renovated hotels add sophisticated places to stay.
As “tourism in Peru expands beyond the obligatory trip to Cuzco, this often-overlooked desert region is opening up,” Gill noted. Renowned archaeological locations include the Moche culture capital of Chan Chan and the fabulous Lord of Sipán museum and the temple of the moon near Lambayeque that have led some to call the area “the Egypt of South America.” With Northern Peru recommended to a discerning world readership, Metropolitan Touring Peru offers an option to visit its most amazing attractions in a 4-day programme.

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