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There are 17 colonial churches around Cusco, all of them built above Inca ceremonial temples. This is part of the “relig…

Northern Beaches

It was the beaches of Northern Peru that inspired Ernest Hemingway to write his Nobel Prize winning novel, The Old Man a…


Housing the best Pre-Hispanic museums in South America, Lima concentrates an assortment of richness of the ancient Peruv…


The Huascaran National Park contains lakes, glaciers, rivers and mountain ranges that offer the ideal settings for the m…

Sacred valley

Discover the place where the Incas innovated their agricultural techniques and brought to the world the treasure of the…

The- Inca-Trail
The Inca Trail

Ask 1000 people, among experts and enthusiastic trekkers, to pen a list of their top ten treks and you‘re guaranteed to…

Trujillo and Chiclayo

Warriors, priests, women, children and llamas were sacrificed to join the greatest Moche lord on his voyage to the after…

Nazca, Paracas and Ica

The Nazca desert sands reveal treasures of ancient civilizations. Each of these figures extends for over 500 meters (164…

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu has generated more than just visits… it has touched the soul of every traveler. As a result of a special co…

Puno and Lake Titicaca

The habitants of the Uros, one of the oldest native communities of America, live today on floating islands much as their…


The Kuelap Fortress, built by the Chachapoyas to fight against the Inca expansion and the Spanish invasion, includes 485…

Arequipa and Colca
Arequipa and Colca

Experience the deepest canyon in the world and visit the natural habitat of the Vicuña, the camelidae with the finest an…

Puerto Maldonado - Manu and Iquitos
Puerto Maldonado, Manu and Iquitos

Looking down from the Andes one gazes out over a vast sea of green that stretches out into the horizon of endless unpara…

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