Central Restaurant was recognized as the best in the region

Sep 5, 2014
The Central restaurant own by Virgilio Martinez won the award for best restaurant in the region at the Latin America’s Best Restaurants awards 2014 held at the Country Club Lima Hotel. Astrid and Gaston got second place and six other Peruvian restaurants got six positions in the top 50 of Latin America. Furthermore, the Chef Choice Awards, prize delivered by the competing chefs was given to the renowned Gaston Acurio. The third Peruvian winning restaurant was Maido, ranked 7th on the list, Malabar in 11th place, La Mar in 15th, Fiesta in 20th and Rafael at 27th possition, while the surprise was “La Picantería” who entered the best 50 in the 31 place. With these recognitions Peru continues positioning itself as the leading gastronomic destination in the region; with a wide range of first class restaurants.
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