Mashpi Lodge: A Green Hotel Founded On the Concept of Conservation and Sustainability


Found a great variety of nature species.

There is a lot of work and caring that goes on behind the scenes at South America’s Leading Green Hotel. Located in the Ecuadorian Choco – one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet – Mashpi Lodge is one of a kind. Not only because of the lush, dense and pristine forest reserve of which it’s a part of, but also because of the respect and sustainable practices that are strictly observed throughout the facility and area. Every detail. both inside and out, has been designed to gracefully submerge its guests into its green world.

With luxury being one of the key components of its design, gastronomy and service become an indispensable part of the overall experience. Hand-in-hand with this aspect of the Lodge comes the overwhelming power of the forest, which serves as the main protagonist of the whole experience.
First and foremost, Mashpi Lodge is an investigation centre: it is a protected space where life thrives and guests get the chance to reconnect with life and beauty in its purest form. In this blog post, we invite you to learn more about how Mashpi operates in order to be a guardian of the forest, a discoverer of life, an active member of its community and a leading example of sustainability in the tourism industry all around the world.

Mashpi Lodge: A Green Hotel That Blurs the Line between What’s Green Outside and Inside…

Hall of Mashpi Lodge.

Mashpi Lodge is based in sustainability.

Once upon a time, the Mashpi Resreve belonged to a timber company. But 11 years ago, the area surrounding Mashpi Lodge was spared this unfortunate fate after Metropolitan Touring’s own Roque Sevilla bought the land in order to protect the forest and its inhabitants.

The acquisition of the area on behalf of such a forward-looking individual turned it into a national reserve while making it the centerpoint for the construction of Mashpi Lodge – a cocoon of luxury in the middle of the forest. The 42,000-acre reserve has since remained almost completely unchanged since the timber company was let go. In fact, Mashpi Lodge stands on the same concrete platform that the former timber company used to store equipment – a decision that actually helped prevent any need to raze the land any further. The Lodge now employs numerous sustainable practices.

Mashpi Lodge draws all of its power from its very own hydroelectric plant, creating a waste-free and silent means of providing energy to the numerous and luxurious facilities and amenities (75% of which use energy-efficient light bulbs); and it’s been doing so successfully for the past year. The best part? It simply taps into the already existing stream near the lodge to do so, eliminating the need to build a land-altering dam. Water also arrives to the Lodge by means of the Reserve’s local streams.

Cucharillos waterfal.

Cucharillos Waterfall in the Choco Rainforest, Ecuador. This area of jungle is the Mashpi Cloud Forest in the Pichincha Province of Ecuador, South America

Even the trails around the Lodge have been reinforced using small, recycled plastic crates. Organic produce grown by the locals (such as the many fruits and vegetables) is used and implemented into sophisticated cooking practices of the Lodge’s kitchen, both lowering the need to import the majority of food from the inner city of Quito and lowering the carbon footprint of the Lodge.
Giving back and taking care of the things around us is part of Mashpi’s DNA, that’s why we also foster the development of independent projects undertaken by our employees, allowing them to even purchase stock in the project (and share in profits) if they wish.  Mashpi Lodge is always working closely with every community involved in our project to provide these with opportunities for the healthy development of their careers and professions.

How to Begin Your Journey to Mashpi Lodge: A Green Hotel

Sky bike.

Enjoy all the options we have as a eco lodge.

Start your luxury experience at Casa Gangotena, located within the World Heritage Site that is colonial downtown Quito. From here, transition to the undiscovered side of the capital at Mashpi Lodge, where you will discover that sustainability goes hand-in-hand with elegance, sophistication, relaxation and adventure. No matter how small our actions, everything counts when it comes to protecting our world’s forests, oceans and wildlife. At Mashpi Lodge, each day is cherished as a new opportunity to work alongside local communities and give life a chance.

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