International Worker’s Day 2018 at Metropolitan Touring: What does work mean to you?

For this year’s International Worker’s Day, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to three amazing people that work at Metropolitan Touring. From those in charge of sales, to our cafeteria assistants and ship crews, our company takes great pride in everyone that forms a part of our  team. It’s thanks to the tremendous effort and joy that each individual puts into what they do here that makes Metropolitan Touring what it is. In fact, after 65 years in the tourism industry, Metropolitan Touring has become Ecuador’s definitive tourism company. So come along with us in this blog and meet the following fantastic members of our team: Miguel, Adrián and Elizabeth!

Miguel Garzón

Destination Expert (Europe & Brasil)

What does work mean to you?
Working is a responsibility we all have as adults, but that doesn’t mean it has to become a lifestyle. I mean, we have to learn how to balance our time and know what’s important. I do think work is necessary to grow. It’s the space where you learn how much effort is required in order to achieve a certain goal. There are people who have to do a job out of obligation more than anything and, often times in such cases, they don’t really enjoy it. That’s why it’s important that we discover what we’re good at, what we enjoy doing and try to find a way to turn that into your job. In my case, I studied tourism because I love interacting with people. It’s an industry where you have the opportunity to live many different experiences. It’s through work that we learn about and acquire useful tools to help us in the future, all while also learning invaluable social skills. Free time is just as important, but it’s through work that we learn and grow.
How has working at Metropolitan Touring had an impact on you?
I have always felt there is a strong sense of team work here at Metropolitan Touring. We work really hard to deliver a job well done. Metropolitan is a company that moves like clockwork, which explains why it’s lasted so long and why it’s Ecuador’s best tourism company. Here at the company, you often times feel a certain level of kindness and warmth among your coworkers, which is a unique trait that isn’t all that common at other companies. I feel that it’s our company’s job to make Ecuador succeed as a cherished tourist destination and it makes me proud to be a part of that. At Metropolitan, everyone is a true team player and I’m happy to come to work every day.

Adrián Peñafiel

Vice-president of Digital Transformation & Innovation

What does work mean to you?
Work gives people the opportunity to discover just how unique and different they are. It also allows them to discover just how valuable of an asset they can be to society. On a more personal note, I feel that a job is what helps us in our journeys of self-actualization, mainly because you get to discover what you are good at. On the other hand, not working can really affect a person’s self-esteem, and that’s why a job is always an opportunity that you should take advantage of. I also believe that once you’re working, your job should have continuous recognition and feedback, be it with a little pat on the back or a compliment, if only to let you know that you are on the right track.
I don’t believe in equality, and I know that might sound a bit controversial at first, but bear with me. Instead, I believe in an equality of opportunities. See, to me, we are not all equal, mainly because I don’t believe that the micro-decisions we make every day are what shape us into the people we eventually become. No. Rather, I believe that it is our environment, including our jobs, that manage to shape us all differently. The beauty of humanity is exactly that, the fact that we are all different. And it’s that difference – along with what you add to the team and the new ideas that you bring to the table – that I consider to be a considerable asset at the workplace.
How has working at Metropolitan Touring had an impact on you?
Metropolitan Touring is the one place where I have felt the happiest and most successful throughout my entire career. And by “success,” I don’t just mean achieving your goals, no. I’m talking about achieving self-actualization. See, Metropolitan Touring has been the company that has given me a ton of opportunities to show that I’m good at something. It is here, at this company, that I have been challenged the most and where, for the first time in life, I have ever felt that I have been given more than I could handle. The company has asked me to do and deliver things that I didn’t know how to do or even begin to do. And it’s right there, in those moments, that I saw my opportunity to grow. Metropolitan Touring has, in a certain way, forced me to live in a constant state of uncertainty, which for a guy as controlling as myself is both fun and a challenge. Never at any of my former jobs did I have to educate myself as much as I’ve educated myself here. In many ways, Metropolitan Touring has been the first job where I have actually used everything that I have learned and that I have had to learn.

Elizabeth Cabascango

Cafeteria Assistant

What does work mean to you?
To me, working means giving your best and seeing every day as an opportunity to give it your all and show people that you care. Working gives me a sense of happiness because I like to follow through with my responsibilities. Every day, there is a new challenge to overcome but I am happy to do it for my family, my coworkers and, ultimately, myself. I feel joy when I do my work and that is what drives me to do it better every day.
How has working at Metropolitan Touring had an impact on you?
It fills me with great pride to work at Metropolitan Touring. This company is like a second home to me. I feel happy to come to work every day and spend time with my coworkers, whom have also become great friends of mine. It fills my heart to come here and do my job for people that I care about, too. I’ve worked here for eleven years, so friendships, experiences and the care and love I hold for the company and the people have only grown with time.

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