How to prepare for a Galapagos trip

Galapagos sea lion resting on the rocks.

An adorable Galapagos sea lion resting.

Be prepared to take one of the best trips that you could ever imagine. As soon as you land in one of the two airports in Galapagos (Baltra or San Cristobal) you will automatically feel the positive energies of the enchanted islands. Before traveling to the Galapagos, there are a few tips that you should know so that your stay fulfills all of your expectations.

What you need for your Galapagos cruise:


The weather in the Galapagos ranges between 69ºF-84ºF in which the warm season is from January-June and the dry season from July-December. Although the Islands are on the Equator, the temperature is not tropical. Nevertheless, sunblock is always a must as you will be spending most of your time exposed to the sun exploring on land or by sea. It is important to know that you will be able to find most amenities on the Islands but the cost is quite elevated.


The breeze in the Galapagos may get quite chilly so taking a light windbreaker is always recommended.


It is advised that you take a waterproof camera to capture your underwater adventures and prevent any damages that could alter your experience. A GoPro is also a very useful gadget that you can pack to document your surroundings. Professional cameras may be taken into the Galapagos but you must have a special permit to use your pictures for commercial purposes, so taking lights and accessories is not advised unless you have one.

Memory cards:

Even if you have a memory card with lots of capacity, you should consider taking a couple more as every second in the Galapagos is an opportunity to capture hundreds or thousands of pictures. You can find memory cards in shops on the main islands but you must take into consideration that the prices are a lot higher. You can also take a hard drive to download your pictures in an internet cafe or on your own computer if you choose to take one.

GoPro cases: for aquatic pictures:

Determine your underwater settings: use two settings, depending on what you want to capture: Video and Timelapse. For point of video (POV), the suggestion is the 1080 SuperView at 80fps. For still photos, I use the time lapse. I recommend shooting at the highest resolution at either one image every 0.5 or 1 second.


Hiking shoes or tennis shoes are a must when visiting the enchanted Islands especially when on land, as there will be a lot walks and hikes on rocky surfaces. Special seamless socks are also recommended to prevent your feet from blistering.
Flip flops are not recommended when on adventure. The volcanic nature of the ground is tricky and flip flops often lead to sprains or other injuries.
Water Shoes: While snorkeling it is advised to use water shoes or Tevas, as some underwater surfaces may be rocky or sharp.


Most if not all of your visit to the Galapagos will be outdoors. Therefore, protecting your face from the sun is a MUST!


A roll on or spray repellent is advised because mosquitoes will sometimes get in the way during your Galapagos Adventures! The number of mosquitoes will vary depending on the season, but still, repellent is always advised.


UV protection sunglasses should be packed because as mentioned you will be outdoors most of the time.


You will be in contact with water during most of your trips so don’t forget to take a swimsuit that will allow you to move around comfortably. The cruise will supply wetsuits and life jackets.


Galapagos is a world-class destination for scuba divers because of the abundance of sharks, sea lions, fur seals, marine turtles, rays, mantas, marine iguanas, and reef fishes.

Seasickness pills:

You must be aware that you will be surrounded by water most of the time and even though the cruise has a doctor on board, don’t forget to take seasickness pills on your trip just in case you get dizzy.

Choosing a time of the year:

Galapagos is an amazing place to visit any time of the year. Because of the Islands’ location on the equator, the air and water temperatures remain relatively stable all year long. During peak seasons (mid-June through early September, and mid-December through mid-January), it is particularly important to make your travel arrangements.

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