How to choose the right cruise to travel the Galapagos

If you’re looking to pick the right Galapagos cruise, you’ve probably already worked out that there’s a lot of choices out there. One could even say that there’s too much choice. Making sure you choose the right tour operator and the right cruise can be a daunting prospect. But when it comes to exploring the Galapagos, Metropolitan Touring stands out among other tour operators. With over 60 years of experience as a tour provider under our belt, you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands if you book with us. Here’s why.

How do I choose the right boat?

That’s a good question and one that we of course can help you with. Two of our vessels are large yachts. La Pinta offers spacious and sophisticated accommodation for a maximum of 48 guests in its 24 cabins, while Isabella II has 20 cabins for those seeking an intimate yet convivial atmosphere. Opting for a smaller boat doesn’t mean missing out on facilities, however: Each of our yachts has a hot tub, fitness room and bar.
Some clients prefer a larger vessel and, if this is you, then our Santa Cruz II would be a perfect choice. The bigger size of this craft offers better stability, which is something to consider for guests who are prone to seasickness.The additional space also suits families and large groups. With a capacity of 90 guests and five decks, there are a range of comfortable cabins and three luxury suites for our most discerning guests.

santa cruz ii galapagos islands

We have the perfect vessel for you!

What else can I expect on board?

Whichever vessel you choose, our underlying principles of attentive service and a focus on customer satisfaction will ensure that you enjoy the trip of a lifetime. All our boats offer gourmet cuisine led by a Le Courdon Bleu trained Chef There’s an emphasis on organic, locally produced food, whether it be freshly caught fish or delicious fruit and vegetables. Comfortable public areas make it easy for you to mingle with your fellow passengers, be it while chatting over a coffee, discussing the day’s wildlife sightings or exchanging stargazing tips.

Communal sundeck balcony in the galapagos cruise.

Enjoy all the beautiful common areas in every vessel.

How long will I need?

Many guests opt for our five day, four night itineraries.These focus on a distinct areas of the Galapagos archipelago, maximizing our guests’ time to enjoy the abundant wildlife and absorb those incredible views. Choose our Northern Galapagos itinerary on La Pinta, for instance, and you’ll have the chance to meet giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island before heading over to Eden Islet, Chinese Hat, the iconic Bartolome Island and Sullivan Bay. Finally, we’ll visit the sunken caldera of Genovesa –, a haven for marine birds. You can expect to see at least ten of the Big 15, including the famous Blue-footed booby and the Galapagos penguin.
Increasingly, many of our clients are asking for more time in the Galapagos and our seven day, six night cruise is a response to that request. Book our Eastern Galapagos itinerary aboard the Santa Cruz, for example, and you’ll stop at Punta Pitt –, the only stop where it’s possible to see the Red-footed booby. We’ll also take you to Santa Fe Island and the wild cliffs of South Plaza, home to land iguanas and a plethora of sea birds. At Punta Suarez, alongside marine iguanas and sea lions, and if you travel between April and December, you’ll be treated to the sight of albatross as well. All-in you can expect to tick off thirteen species off of the Big 15 list.

How do I know I’m not harming the environment?

At Metropolitan Touring, we’re committed to the conservation of the environment, which is of vital importance for such fragile ecosystems throughout the world, especially one as fragile the Galapagos Islands.In the company of knowledgeable and well prepared guide.The benefits are twofold: on one hand, the guide helps secure the wellbeing and preservation of the park; on the other, you’re always in capable hands and well- looked after. We originally founded the company on a principle of respectful contact with the natural world and our enthusiasm and passion for such an ethos has never wavered.
Our team of experts are happy to help. We can discuss your needs, ensuring that the cruise you take is the one which best fits your personal requirements. We think the Galapagos Islands are very special, and are committed to making sure that everyone who travels with us thinks so too.

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