10 Reasons to Take your Honeymoon in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands offer pristine white beaches, luxury hotels, peace and adventure for newly married couples looking to escape from the hectic pace of daily life. Below there are 10 reasons why a honeymoon in Galapagos offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to perfectly complement the joy of the occasion.

Honeymoon at the Galapagos Islands

Honeymoon at the Galapagos Islands

    1. Outstanding scenery

Crystal-clear turquoise waters where tropical fish swim amongst deep black rocks, contrasted against stunning white beaches, all lit by the fading rays of daylight unhindered by city pollution – the Galapagos Islands offer honeymooners breathtakingly stunning scenery that can only be truly appreciated first-hand.

Spectacular View of Galapagos

Spectacular View of Galapagos

          1. Tranquil isolation

The unique formation of the Galapagos Archipelago is largely due to its isolation from the continent, and also civilization at large. With humans inhabiting only 3% of the entire archipelago and around 80,000 visiting the National Park each year, much of this isolation can still be enjoyed today, whether this be exploring sub-tropical forests filled with orchids and hummingbirds, peaceful beaches with only a sea lion for company or hiking desert trails among endemic iguanas.

          1. Adventures found nowhere else on earth

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most volcanically active areas on earth, themselves forming from molten lava pouring up from the earth’s crust. Over several millennia, as the earth was pushed up, exploded and cooled, some truly spectacular formations have resulted making for excellent hiking, spelunking and scuba diving adventures for newlyweds.

          1. Discover the wonders of the underwater world

Take your Galapagos honeymoon to a whole new world under the ocean surface. The vast abundance of marine life, the proportion of endemic species, wonderfully clear waters and a diverse range of underwater habitats all make the Galapagos Islands one of the best locations in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving. Arrange your scuba diving trip from the comfort of the Finch Bay Eco Hotel.

Snorkelling in Galapagos

Snorkeling in Galapagos

          1. Unique wildlife

The Galapagos Islands has a rich array of habitat zones that vary not only between islands, but also within each island. Honeymooners can observe tropical birds and giant tortoises lumbering around the highlands, stunning flamingoes along the shore (thought to be the brightest in the world) and iguanas lounging under cacti in the arid zones. El Chato Reserve is particularly popularly for observing tortoises and Las Bachas Beach is known as a hotspot for flamingos, sea turtles and marine iguanas, along with Sally Lightfoot crabs.

          1. Secluded beaches

Worried about not having an opportunity to relax and enjoy your Galapagos honeymoon as a couple? The Galapagos Archipelago has 837 miles of coastline ranging from green crystal sand to the soft white sand of “Flour Beach.” All isolated from the hectic pace of city life, there are multiple beaches that make for a romantic spot to enjoy an afternoon, not to mention the spectacular swimming and snorkeling that all of the beaches offer.
Garrapatero Beach is one of the many hidden gems in the Galapagos, renowned for its beautiful turquoise waters and white, sandy beaches.

          1. Beach-front views

Wake up every morning on your Galapagos honeymoon to a view of the crystalline ocean streaked with the morning sun, and a light sea breeze coming in through the open window. A suite with a balcony makes for the perfect way to start your day; after enjoying your breakfast in the open air, it will be difficult to leave!

Finch Bay Suite Balcony

Finch Bay Suite Balcony

          1. Check out Tours for your Honeymoon in Galapagos 

Between lounging on the beach and enjoying international cuisine, take your newlywed on an island tour to make your honeymoon in Galapagos a unique nature experience. Isla Bartolome offers the opportunity to observe the only equatorial penguin in the world, as well as an enormous variety of tropical fish as they swim through the spectacularly clear waters. Many of the Galapagos tours stop by Las Grietas, for a quick dip in one of the few sources of fresh water in the archipelago. This crystal-clear lagoon formed between an enormous crack in the middle of two cliffs.

          1. Enjoy Delicious Cuisine

The Galapagos Islands are also known for their spectacular and deliciously fresh cuisine that includes details from all over coastal Central and South America, as well as a range of international dishes. There are a variety of restaurants situated along the beach front, such as K.F. William, which offers a variety of seafood, and also Natsumi, which offers the best sushi in the area for those looking to treat themselves while on a honeymoon in Galapagos.

Candlelight Dinner at Finch Bay

Candlelight Dinner at Finch Bay

          1. Learn About the Natural Wonders of the Island

The Galapagos Archipelago is renowned worldwide for its role in evolutionary research; however, this does not mean it cannot be equally appreciated by the average every-day person. Take advantage of your honeymoon in Galapagos to discover the “seven natural wonders of the Galapagos,” including sites such as El Chato, Divine Bay, Tortuga Bay’s Play Brava & Playa Mansa, Garrapatero, Los Gemelos and Las Grietas. Each of these sites holds a fascinating story and unique features.

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