Yacht Isabela II – Decks

Boat Deck

Boat Deck - Isabela Galapagos Cruise.

Guests in the restaurant aboard Yacht Isabela II:

Explore the local flavors aboard Yacht Isabela II.

Sun Deck / Bar

Guest in the hot tub of Yacht Isabela II.

The perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing cocktail with an amazing view.

Hot Tub

Guests trainning at the gym in Yacht Isabela II.

There are facilities to satisfy all of our guests´ needs, like our onboard gym.

Fitness Area

Cabin Deck

Cabin Deck - Yacht Isabela II

The Classic Cabin in Yacht Isabela II.

The Classic Cabin in Yacht Isabela II has great decoration and space.

Classic Cabin

The Standard Cabin in Yacht Isabela II.

Enjoy your Galapagos trip in the Standard Cabin of Yacht Isabela II.

Standard Cabin

The Family Classic Cabin in Yacht Isabela II.

The Family Classic Cabin provides a comfortable environment.

Classic Family Cabin

Main Deck

Main Deck

Yacht Isabela II Restaurant

Enjoy a delicious meal while you enjoy a warm and peaceful environment.

Dining Room

The Bar Salon in Yacht Isabela II.

Yacht Isabela II has spacious public areas for you to relax and enjoy at any time.

Bar & Salon


The library is the perfect option for those who are looking for a quiet moment.

Business Centre

 The onboard boutique in Yacht Isabela II.

Take the time to explore our great onboard boutique.


The Owner's Cabin in Yacht Isabela II.

Have a great trip to the Galapagos Islands in the Owner’s Cabin in Yacht Isabela II.

Owner’s Cabin