Yacht Isabela II Galapagos Cruise

Isabela II: The Most Intimate Yacht in the Enchanted Isles

Yacht Isabela II is a Galapagos cruise that offers the perfect, intimate space for you and your partner to enjoy the Galapagos Islands in comfort. We limit the guest toll to just 20 couples – only 40 guests! Yacht Isabela II offers the perfect, intimate space for exploring Darwin’s islands in comfort. Traditionalists will enjoy feeling at home with a crew that has remained almost unchanged for years, leading to seamless attention to detail that will make your stay extra special. Our crew is one of the most experienced and tight-knit group in the archipelago, with an excellent sense of teamwork and dedication, providing a warm welcome for guests

Yacht Isabela II in the waters of the Galapagos Islands.

Our beloved Yacht Isabela II.

Sustainable Carbon Neutral Policies

With some of the latest advances in sustainable sailing, Isabel II aims to protect the delicate and beautiful ecosystem that it explores. Modern engine technology economizes fuel consumption and our onboard water desalination and treatment plants protect the waters around the Galapagos. But we take it a step further: when traveling aboard the Isabel II, your footprint is minimized and your visit becomes part of conservation efforts thanks to a company-wide commitment to sustainability. The footprint caused by your visit to the Galapagos isn’t just reduced, it is actually offset and canceled via our exemplary Carbon Neutral Program. When traveling aboard our Cruise Ship, our CO2 Reduction Strategies will ensure you become a sustainable traveler!

Fully Equipped

You’ll have all the bare essentials taken care of the moment you set foot in Yacht Isabela II’s cabins. From high-end amenities to little treats, we’ve got you covered.

With just 20 guest cabins, the yacht’s convivial atmosphere leads to a close-up experience of this unique world. Onboard, guests find delicious cuisine, faultless service, and excellent facilities, including a Hot Tub, fitness room, bar and outside deck for al fresco meals, drinks, and sunbathing.

You can expect top facilities and equipment, delicious meals, and safe and stimulating expert-planned expeditions on the islands. Scout the island sites for Big 15 wildlife in groups that average no more than 11-14 guests per naturalist guide which surpass the National Park standard, which permits up to 16 guests per guide. Explore the coast with your guides on our pangas, glass-bottom boat or kayaks, or get wet and snorkel.


  • Free shore excursions natural history lectures and transfers in the Galapagos.
  • Free transfers airport/hotel/airport for Galapagos cruise departures to major hotels in Quito and Guayaquil.
  • Free consultations with our Medical officer, on call 24/7.
  • WiFi and internet access (intermittent and low-bandwidth)
  • Top-ranking naval officers as Captains and First Officers
  • 60+ years of experience and reliability

Facilities & Amenities

  • Bar – Lounge
  • Boutique/Gift Shop
  • Reading Room & Natural History Library
  • Hot Tub
  • Radio, telephone, E-mail, and Fax communications
  • PA System
  • Air-conditioned throughout
  • Safety boxes
  • Hairdryers
  • Multimedia natural history lectures
  • Stargazing Program
  • Glass bottom boat
  • Sea Kayaks
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Wet suits for snorkeling (available for rent)
  • Internet*

* Internet connections onboard consist of 2 computer stations in the business center and wifi in the yacht’s social areas; due to the Galapagos’ remote location, internet connections are intermittent and low-bandwidth.