Galapagos – FAQ’s – Guests

Galapagos – FAQ’s – Guests

How do I know if Galapagos is the right destination for me?
Galapagos is a great destination for almost everyone. Nature lovers will appreciate a transformative experience with wildlife and a first-hand view of how islands form. It is a great place for honeymooners or families to escape from everyday life and find quality time. If you’re looking for a conventional beach destination, top shopping, and traditional entertainment options, this is probably not for you.
How much of a nature lover do you need to be to enjoy the Galapagos?
The Galapagos Islands are a perfect destination for everyone who wants to be amazed. Even if wildlife watching is not your main reason for coming, you will still be impressed by the incredible landscapes, savoury Ecuadorian cuisine, local hospitality and wide range of activities.
Is it family friendly?
Yes. The Galapagos is an awesome learning experience for all age groups, though age restrictions do apply on some cruise vessels.
Is it accessible for people with disabilities?
It really depends on the type of disability and the extent to which this disability would affect the person’s visit. People with serious mobility issues will find that Galapagos has incredibly rugged terrain with no access ramps at visitor sites. Wheelchairs would be subjected to regular exposure to salt water, which could damage them. The only tour operator currently offering specialized services for wheelchair-bound guests is Ecuador for All.
Do I need to use a wetsuit?
During the hot season, warmer water currents will make it possible to swim without a wetsuit. If you are planning to go for a long swim or snorkelling you might want to consider wearing one because you will be moving less. During the dry season, the water gets cooler due to colder currents and some guests prefer to wear a wetsuit more often.
I have special dietary requirements. Can they be met?
When requested in advance, most special dietary requirements can be arranged. Multi-guided ships tend to have a larger kitchen staff than single-guided ships as a result of which they are more likely to be able to accommodate special requests.
I have special religious requirements. Can they be met?
No ship in Galapagos offers a religious service of any denomination. In land-based options, there is almost always a town nearby with a church, but only Christian denominations are present. Please contact your destination expert to inquire about specific requirements.
Is there any kind of age restriction for visitors?
Children below the age of 6 need special permission from their parents or guardians to board a Galapagos cruise. Children under the age of 18 that are travelling that come accompanied by just one parent/legal guardian must have a minor consent form signed by the other parent or, in the case of a legal guardian, both parents. The drinking age in Ecuador is 18 years old.
I´m travelling in a group with people of many ages. What's the best way for us to travel?
The best option would be to go with a multi-guided cruise vessel or a land-based tour. On either of these two options, multiple activities will be available simultaneously, which means the more active in the group can be out and about while those who prefer a more relaxed journey can take in the views calmly.
What is the food like on board an expedition cruise?
Our Le Cordon Bleu-certified gastronomic director has carefully designed the buffets and menus on board all of our cruise ships. These are inspired by both local and international flavours. Varied meals comprised of all the food groups will be served through the day. This also includes fresh produce, fruits and proteins that are acquired from the best providers available.

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